Optimizing KPI with Cloud Communication Software

When running a call center company, your representatives must perform at their best.  Customers can create their impression of the company based on their experience with customer service representatives and the system.   They also have a significant impact on the satisfaction rating and the sales of the company.  Due to these reasons, managers will often use KPI or Key Performance Indicator to keep track of the progress of the agents and create a positive outcome.


How to Optimize Your Agent’s KPI with the Cloud Communication Software

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In this article, we will guide you on how to conduct a simple approach to optimize the KPI of the agent with the cloud communication software to put them on the right track of success.


The Hold Time

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Most of us experienced calling the customer hotline only to be placed on hold for more than 10 minutes; it is too frustrating.  Even if you receive a solution to your issues, there is a possibility that your loyalty to the company has been affected.  To address this issue, call center managers may choose cloud communication software that tracks the time they place the customers on hold and the number of calls they receive.  With this necessary information, you will be able to improve the amount of answering calls.  You may also utilize the information to identify which representative is answering the most number of calls.


The Resolution


Another vital factor in the KPI would be the first-call resolution.  This KPI determines whether the caller could find a solution to the issue during his first call.  It also establishes the number of transfers made before the problem was addressed.  The cloud communication software will track the number of journeys that the customer took before finding a solution to their issue.  On the off chance that the call was transferred for a significant amount of time, it is probably time for you to retrain your agents.


Rate of Abandonment

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The abandonment rate is frequently related to holding time, but this factor is defined as the number of callers who hangs up before an agent decides to take the call.  Various reasons can lead to abandonment.  The possible explanation would be a low satisfaction rate and long hold time.  With cloud communication software, you will have the capacity to record this KPI and address a series of underlying issues.  You may also consider auto-attendant or IVR to minimize the amount of abandonment rate.


The performance of the representative is a major ingredient for the success of the call center company.  By monitoring the KPI and using cloud communication software, you will positively transform your company.

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