Tower Travel: Best Destinations


Humanity has been building different towers throughout history. There was a period in our history when the people made buildings to serve as a watchtower where they would be able to observe the surrounding area.  Today, the tower serves as one of the most famous landmarks in each country, from the Tokyo Tower to Big Ben and even stone towers. 


A Comprehensive List of Tower Travel


Towers have become some of the most iconic structures. They serve as tourist attractions, and they have become a representation of the country's culture. If you are thinking of doing tower travel, then here is a list of the most popular tower today.

Eiffel Tower

 Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower has got to be the most popular tower today.  It is a symbol of the thriving economy of Paris and France.  Measuring 984 feet, this tower is said to be the highest tower in the world until 1930 (the Chrysler Building replaced it).  Based on the statistic, the Eiffel tower has already attracted at least 200 million visitors since the structure was erected, making it on top of our travel list. Ascending the building should be a part of your travel; therefore, you need to have a comprehensive plan for this. You should buy a ticket on their online portal weeks or months ahead of your vacation. With this, you will be able to skip the long lines and avoid wasting your time. Make sure that you will arrive ahead of schedule. It is a no-return or no-refund ticket policy.


Leaning Tower

 Leaning Tower Travel

The famous Leaning Tower took around 177 years to be completed. That numbers alone are significant for it to be included in this travel list.  Construction started in 1173, and soon after, the tower began to sink due to the poor quality of the building's foundation.   The builders decided to stop the construction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  After almost a century, the formation of the tower resumed, and the engineers decided to add more floors, but one side of the building had to be higher to balance the tilt of the tower. Upon arrival at the tower, a guide will tell you a short history of the leaning tower. You will then start your ascent on the spiral staircase. It comes with eight levels, wherein 6 of those levels are reserved for open galleries. It will provide you with an awe-inspiring view of the city and the nearby countryside. 

Big Ben

 Big Ben

There is no question that Big Ben is included in your favorite destination when traveling to London.  Big Ben has got to be the most famous tower landmark in London.  The name Big Ben was not directly referring to the clock tower but to the bell inside the building that weighs around 13 tons.  The term was coined after the first man that ordered the colossal bell, Benjamin Hall. It is difficult for you to miss this landmark since it is visible at different points all over the city. Currently, you can only admire the exterior structure of the tower. Visiting inside has been halted due to the refurbishment.


San Gimignano


You may not be that familiar with San Gimignano, but it is a famous tower from Tuscany because of its 14 stone structures.  Before, there were originally 70 towers built that served as a town's defense against outside forces and enemies. Apart from the tower, the whole city, which you can explore by biking, is a sight to behold. There are two city squares where you can do people watching. You can join a guided tour that will last for half a day.


Malwiya Minaret


The Spiral Minaret is a portion of the grand Mosque found in Iraq. Initially, the tower is connected to the great Mosque with a bridge.  The building stands at around 162 feet and is considered one of the world's largest Mosques. Spiral Minaret should definitely be on your travel list. Due to the raid insurgent, the structure was partially damaged, but the place is still in decent shape. Travelers can climb the tower at their own risk. The militia controls the place, and finding an entry could be complex.

CN Tower


Situated in the center of Toronto, CN Tower serves as the most renowned landmark in Canada.  CN stands for Canadian National, a railway corporation responsible for erecting the communication structure. Climbing the tower provides you with an all-encompassing view of the city. The place offers several attractions that make it an excellent venue for the whole family. If you want to reach the top of the tower, there are glass elevators that will travel at the speed of 15 mph.


Three Pagodas: Tower Travel

 Three Pagodas Tower Travel


Three Pagodas are just some of the remaining Buddhist construction in China.  The people could preserve the structure despite natural calamities and man-made catastrophes.  With its boasting height of 227 feet, the Three Pagodas is one of the highest pagodas found in Mainland China, enough reason for it to be included on this tower travel list.

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