Ray-Ban Soft Case vs. Ray-Ban Hard Case

Ray-Ban is one of the most popular manufacturers of sunglasses. The conventional type of Ray-Ban sunglasses comes with a soft case; those with an optical frame, on the other hand, have a hard case. The Soft case often comes in a folding case, folding box, folding leather case, leather zip, craft leather, carbon-fiber case, etc.  The Hard case has a little variety since they are not as common as the soft leather case; they come in varieties such as presentation box and the titanium case.  If you weigh the difference between the soft and hard cases, here is a rundown that may help you.


The Difference between Ray-Ban Soft Case and Ray-Ban Hard Case

Ray-Ban Soft Case vs. Ray-Ban Hard Case

The authentic Ray-Bans come with a free case (leather or hard case).  If you receive a sunglass without the case, it is probably a knockoff, and you must return it immediately.  In some online shops, the case of Ray-Ban Luxottica should be purchased separately.




Both soft case and hard case are sturdy and durable.   With the soft folding case, the most common complaint of the customer would be the lock button.  The leather zip tends to have damage on its zip.  The craft leather and the carbon fiber case are the more solid Ray-Ban soft case types.  When it comes to the  Hard case, the main problem usually occurs on the hinge due to the excessive opening and closing of the box.




The style and the layout of the case are contingent upon the person who will use it.  The soft case will be perfect if you prefer to carry it around.  It is like a small pouch that you can hold in your hand.  It is stylish and elegant and a great way to spend your luxurious sunglass. The Ray-Ban hard case is ideal to use when planning to put it in your bag.  It will keep your eyeglasses protected against the other stuff inside your bag.




The hard case would be ideal for you when you need the maximum level of protection.  It protects your sunglasses from a considerable amount of pressure.  It keeps your sunglasses in perfect condition even if you drop them.  The soft case will provide minimum protection against external factors such as dust accumulation and dirt.


Pros and Cons of Choosing Soft Case


The soft case is lightweight and flexible, making it easier to store them anywhere in your cupboard or bag. The level of protection it offers is sufficient and should not lead to any issues as long as you are careful in your storage. There are soft cases made from nylon and leather that offers extra durability. Some even come with an additional feature to keep the Ray-ban glasses safe inside. However, when comparing it with the hard case, it is somewhat inferior in the protection it provides. It offers a tiny amount of impact resistance. It may also not provide any protection against other elements.


Pros and Cons of Choosing Hard Case


Some hard cases come with layered foam that creates a desirable level of impact resistance. It may have a feature that prevents the sunglasses from moving; it is also crush resistant. Most of them are made from high-quality, sturdy materials such as ABC plastics and carbon fibre. However, they are more expensive than the soft casing.


When searching for the best case, both Ray-Ban Soft and Hard cases offer the best value.  You just have to pick which type of case is perfect for you based on your personal preference.


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