Private Apartment Rentals in Barcelona

It is tough to find private apartment rentals in Barcelona at any time of the year.  You will be searching for a private villa rental together with exchange students, foreign workers and even travelers and bloggers.  Most of the time, the quality are low, and the costs are high.


List of Private Apartment Rentals in Barcelona


Here is a shortlist of the best private apartment rentals in Barcelona that can help you find a place to stay. Depending on your situation and the number of people that will occupy the area, you will find one that suits you.

 Private Apartment Rentals in Barcelona

Chic Room Barcelona


Chic Room Barcelona is a newly renovated apartment found near Paseo de Gracia.  This Barcelona apartment rental is stylish and can accommodate at least five people.  It has two double bedrooms and one single bedroom.  The kitchen is equipped with essential kitchen appliances such as a microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and even an espresso machine.  The tiles on the floor are authentic, and it is also available for a long month rental, making it a popular hideaway for exchange students and vacationers.


Golden Neighborhood

 Beach Barcelona

If you are looking for a private apartment rental in Barcelona and you want it into the best location, then Golden Neighborhood might be a nice place to stay.  The apartment in Barcelona is near Park de la Ciutadella, considered the biggest and the most famous park in Barcelona, would be an excellent option.  It is also close to Barcelona Arc de Triomphe.  If you are someone interested in fashion, Golden Neighborhood is a step away from El Borne.  El Borne is a fashion Mecca in Barcelona and the home of the most famous restaurants and tapas.  It is also a few minutes away from Barcelona, Cathedral and Barceloneta Beach.


Maria Jose


Maria Jose is the name of the owner of the Barcelona apartment rentals found near the Catalonia Villas.  It is an excellent and quiet place that can accommodate up to 6 people.  The site is also 25 minutes away from the beach, and they offer special rates to their guests during the Holiday season.  The apartment is ideally situated near a transport system and a grocery.


Apartment Number H.U.T.B.-0735


This three-bedroom apartment can be found in the elegant city of Vila Olimpica.  The living room is stylish and wide enough to be enjoyed by the entire family.  It is equipped with a large flat TV and a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection.  This newly renovated apartment in Barcelona is complete with a gas heating and air conditioning system.  There are lots of activities that you can do around.  Nearby activities like biking on the seafront, sailing, cinema are all available within the area.


Plaza EspaƱa 2


Plaza Espana 2 is an apartment in Barcelona with a wooden floor and can be found in Sants District.  The place provides accommodation for five people; it features two luminous bedrooms, a room with a balcony and a sofa bed.  The area has excellent ventilation and is equipped with a heating and air conditioning unit.  They provide their guest with almost any kind of appliances and tools such as flat iron, washing machine, dryer, TV, DVD, refrigerator, juicer, toaster, mixer and even hairdryer.


The Benefits of Using Apartment Rental Search Service in Barcelona


Are you tired of looking for the apartment that you want? With an apartment search, you key in your preference for your private apartment rentals in Barcelona. The system will perform an in-depth search of the available apartments around the area and the surrounding areas. It is a convenient and powerful tool that will surely be your partner in finding your desired place to rent. It will only require you to complete the search form to assist you better. Do not worry about the information you will be sharing with them since they will never need sensitive information. Furthermore, the information you will be sharing is completely secured and confidential.



Saves Time


Apartment Rentals in Barcelona

Your time searching your apartment would be greatly reduced, thanks to the large listing of available private apartment rentals in Barcelona combined with the effort and dedication of the real estate agents. Aside from tapping on the extensive resources where the agent will find the highest quality of apartment based on your preference in just a matter of time, it will also save you the stress in dealing with the landlord or realtor. This entire process of renting an apartment will surely save you a hefty amount of time.


Rebates and Fees


Using Apartment Search Service to locate your private apartment rentals in Barcelona will not charge you any fee. Before acquiring their proper service, any fee charged in hiring the service will be written out to you. They will not give you any mystery charge or surprises. There are also times that they may offer you some rebates; it is thanks to the large group of realtors and landlords.



 Apartment Rentals in Barcelona

Searching for private apartment rentals in Barcelona on your own will produce a very limited amount of information. There are also times that you may look over some of the crucial information, and you will end up regretting your decision. Apartment Search Service will provide you with photos, recordings, and detailed information about your possible space. They can also perform a search when you have a special case, such as if you are looking for apartments that allow pets or apartments that may allow someone with a history of being charged lawfully.


Through extensive experience, expertise, professionalism, and connection with different realtors in the area, they can provide top-notch quality of service. The real estate agents have various backgrounds dealing with different situations that may arise. Enough stressing and wasting your time, use an apartment search service to search for private apartment rentals in Barcelona.


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