Moving From USA to UK


Relocating to UK from USA

Moving can be an emotionally draining and physically demanding process. Some things need to be considered before moving from USA to UK.  Relocation can be grueling as it requires a lot of documents to be processed. You need to qualify for a VISA; it is essential to prove that you will not move to UK just to be supported by the national fund.  However, enough of that requirement, in this article, we will discuss the cultural differences between USA and UK, so those planning to migrate will be able to adjust to the local culture.


A Complete Guide on Moving from USA to UK

 Moving from USA to UK

When moving from USA to UK, expect that primary commodities cost higher than usual.  Salary can be lower than the US, and Tax is slightly higher, especially the Value Added Tax (Imagine VAT applies to almost anything).  Food is not much of a difference; there’s a good restaurant in every street of London.  The local market also offers the same products; the only thing you have to remember is that markets tend to close early during weekends.   Most groceries are conducted online and will be delivered in front of your door.  During the lunch break at your work, people prefer to eat sandwiches instead of going out and grabbing some lunch.


Transport System


Moving from USA to UK can be a shock when it comes to the transport system.  Public transportation is more popular since London has an excellent transport system.  Buses arrive on time and Wifi on subways makes life more convenient.  Taxis are pretty expensive, so you should use services such as Uber and Addison Lee.


Real Estate

 Moving from USA to UK

You will instantly miss your house from the US the first time you’re going to see your new house.  The chance that you will live in a place half the size of your old home is highly possible.  House is pretty expensive, and it is commonly attached to your neighbor.    But moving from USA to UK will give you more time off as there are fewer working days.


Gadgets and Appliances


Also, you might want to bring a US-UK adapter for all the electronic gadgets and appliances that you have since they are a lot cheaper in the states.  Moving from USA to UK will make you realize that the electronics in UK are about double the price of the electronics in the States.   Shipping a computer from the USA to the UK is less expensive than purchasing a brand new desktop.


Finally, if you have pets that you want to bring along when moving from USA to UK, always remember that the UK adheres to a strict rule to keep their country a rabies-free environment.  Before, pets should undergo at least six months of quarantine.  However, these days, I heard it is more convenient and efficient.


Aside from the culture shock, one has to be prepared emotionally when moving from USA to UK.  It takes immense courage to leave a place you are used to in exchange for an unfamiliar environment.


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