Marble Fireplace in London: An Overview


Marble Fireplaces are usually handcrafted surrounds installed in your fireplaces. It adds elegance and beauty to your home.   During the 18th century, marble Fireplaces in London were practiced as a sign of status and wealth.  Its durability is unprecedented as some of the surrounds that are more than a hundred years old are still present up to this time.  Nowadays, marble fire surrounds in London have become more popular as it becomes more accessible to more homes. It comes in different carvings and designs accentuated with the finest quality and commonly becomes the focal point of the entire house.


Marble Fireplaces in London

Marble Fireplaces in London


Manufacturers of marble fireplaces in London may offer high-quality marble slabs imported initially from Spain and France or a lesser quality of marble from China.  They will present a traditional or modern type of craftsmanship; all kinds of designs suit your needs. After choosing the right marble surround for your house, there are still some things that you need to consider before installing.


Installation of Marble Fireplaces

 Marble Fireplaces in London

Before installing marble fire surrounds in London, always remember that a single surround may weigh as much as 120 kg.  Seek assistance when you want to move a component of the surround.  Attempting to lift the piece alone may result in accidents and strain on the human body.  Also, when unpacking the surround, check if it is in the correct position.  Clean the floors with any distraction that can cause possible tripping.  It would also be helpful to unpack the surround near the installation site.  Make sure that every part and piece is complete and free from any stain or damage.


Installation of Marble Fire Surrounds in London is provided by some company.  It is not advisable to perform a DIY installation of the surrounds as it requires a team of experts to perform such rigorous tasks.  When choosing where to install, make sure to position it in a place free from grease, dust, and liquids. Never install the fireplace close to the water in use, such as kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, etc.  Also, avoid placing the fireplace close to curtains to prevent fire.  Ask an expert to check whether the wall and the floor can support the weight of the surrounds.


Hire an Expert


Seeking a professional for the installation of marble surrounds in London is less hazardous.  Well-trained personnel will make sure that the correct type of fire is being installed.  Failure to properly install the Marble surround may result in a fatal or severe injury.  They will make sure that a gas fire is fitted and duly approved by gas-safe engineers.  They can also check the surrounds of instability and damages.

 installation of marble surrounds in London

Maintenance and cleaning of marble fireplaces in London are different than any surrounds.  One must use a soft cloth when removing the stain.  If it is impossible to remove the stain with water, use a cleaning liquid designed for marble.  Test the cleaning product on a small spot of the marble to ensure that it will not damage the marble before cleaning the surrounds.




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