How Fences Add Value to Your Home

If you are planning to build a fence for your home, you might be considering a lot of things. You probably want to know how fences add value to your home to maximize the return when the time comes that you want to sell it. The answer varies whether it can increase the monetary value of your house in the market or not. Nonetheless, most of the time, it does.  It also appeals generally to the homebuyers since most of them do not have the necessary fund to install fences. They also have pets and kids, and adding a barricade can create a secure space for their loved ones.


Guide on How Fences Add Value to Your Home


The aesthetics, privacy, and security are probably the main advantages of installing fences around your property. Another possible reason is that it can boost the market value of your home when the time comes that you choose to sell it. Therefore, you have to make sure that your fence is functional and tastefully designed.

It Increases Your Level of Protection

Fence boost home value

The primary benefit of having a fence is increasing your safety and privacy. It marks the ending of your property that prevents others from trespassing. Even if you choose a picket fence, it would be enough to inform others that going beyond this point could lead to legal issues. It tells them that everything that is inside the wall belongs to someone. The fence could also improve the selling potential of your residential property. House buyers are ready to pay good cash if the property comes with a wall, especially for parents and pet owners to keep them inside the yard. There will be less likely for them to wander.

Aesthetic Appeal

A well-designed fence can significantly affect the aesthetic appeal of your property. It is an ideal way to attract the interest of potential buyers. They will indeed have a positive first impression of your property. Understand that the physical allure of your property plays a significant role in the asking price of the buyers. For instance, landscaping alone can boost the market value of your house to at least 20%. Nonetheless, this rule may not always apply to all types of fencing. If you don’t choose the right one, you may even devalue your property.

How Can Fences Add Value to Your Home

Fence boost home value

To make sure that fences add value to your home, here are things you must reflect on when installing a fence.

Fences in your Neighborhood

Do keep in mind that when installing a fence, you have to look at your neighborhood whether they have installed it or not.  You are not building a wall to stand out for the wrong reason.  Moreover, creating a fence in a community where most of your neighbor does not have will develop a sense of disconnection.  It will look like a prison; it will appear disconcerted. On the other hand, if most of your neighborhood has fences, you might want to think about installing a fence.  Most home buyers will not have the additional expense to install a fence, and having one will catch their attention.

What to Do

Fence boost home value

Before having a fence, you want to drive around the town and notice if most people living in your area have a fence. It will help you decide whether to have a wall installed or not, and this will help you determine what type of fence you should install. I will help you ensure that fences add value to your home.

Choose a Style

If you are a home buyer, would you buy a house with a fence that does not match the style of the house?  The type of fence that you will install will affect the overall value of your home.  Generally, we want to add a fence to create a space and a protected area where the kids can enjoy.  Nonetheless, choosing the wrong style of fence can decrease the value of your house.  A modern-looking house would look ridiculous with a fancy wooden wall.

Go with the Same Style as Your Neighborhood

 Fence boost home value

The safest way to make sure that your fences add value to your home is to create a similar fence to your neighbors.  An iron fence would look like a high-security garrison in the presence of an elaborate wooden fence.  If you want yours to look better, then apply your creativity to the gate of the house. 

Like adding a swimming pool or a Patio, fences add value to your home because of the extra security.  It also creates a private space for the family when relaxing or during an intimate family gathering.

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