Dopamine Design: Creating Since 1984


Since 1984

Dopamine Design is a company that specializes in creating innovative product design, branding strategy, architecture, consulting services, hospitality design, and interior design.  Their latest design Since 1984 has taken the interest of the judges on the last A' Design Competition.


Since 1984 of Dopamine Design


"Since 1984" was a tribute to a modular game that went viral during the 1980s.  With its modern design, the owner can alter the appearance of his furniture in various ways.  The modular furniture was designed by Serena Zanello, who has at least ten years of experience in designing for clients here and abroad.  The design of Since 1984 allowed the user to utilize the furniture decoration in a lot of ways.  It can also be used in schools, houses, showrooms, hotels, and others, thanks to the feature of Since 1984 to adapt and take the form of different structures like the modular game.


7 Different Shapes


Since 1984 is composed of 7 different shapes of the module, which can be purchased separately.  The sides are made up of birch plywood, and the upper part of the furniture is coated with a varnish.  The different decoration styles can be attached using dowel joints which can be found hidden on the side.  It ensures the strength of the furniture when assembling various forms of Since 1984.  The materials used on the product are of high quality and proven safe for any living creatures.  Since 1984 is a high-quality product design that is effective to include in interior design.


The Design of Since 1984

 since 1984 Dopamine Design

Dopamine Design said that the design of Since 1984 was conceived from a straightforward concept.  The design services incorporated the idea of an old diversion to the framework of the furniture decoration.  Like the old game, Since 1984 has proved to be engaging, simple, fun, innovative, accessible, feasible, and imaginative.  The flexibility of this product made it perfect for any scenario and occasion.  The cost of Since 1984 is reasonable, but the functionality is immense.  The designer said that she didn't want to stop when she was designing the furniture as she felt like she was playing a game.  The same thing will surely be felt by the customers who will purchase it. It is perfect for house owners who love to redecorate their homes.


The Challenges

 Since '84

Dopamine design said that the challenge in creating Since 1984 was on keeping the expenses low.  They utilized simple tools in making the hospitality design.  Since 1984 was a culmination of hard work, dedication, creativity, and love for the work of the people behind Dopamine Design.


People will now be able to reinvent the interior design of their home without purchasing new decorations.  A little touch of creativity in this product will go a long way.  With the right mix and match, they will create a whole new product with the old modules.  Thanks to this latest innovation by Dopamine Design.

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