Your Complete Guide on the Best Form of Spirulina

Suppose there is a medical product that is clinically proven to provide the entire essential needed by your body to nourish it, prevent allergy, build up your immune framework, prevent the development of the cancer cell, stabilize the amount of cholesterol, and alleviate high blood pressure. In that case, the medical industry will surely amass a great fortune. However, unknown to most of us, such products do exist in the form of an herbal substance called Spirulina.  Spirulina is available in powder and capsule, and they have different benefits to offer to the consumers. To determine which the best form of Spirulina is, let us take a closer look at each of them.


Features of the Best Form of Spirulina: Absorption Level

 Spirulina tablet

When you consider the absorption level, it is only common to believe that the best form of Spirulina would be the powder form. However, the tablets are also now designed to quickly breakdown for better absorption.  There are some instances that the pills may not immediately disintegrate, which may lead to a limited amount of nutrients being absorbed and not thoroughly enjoying the benefits of Spirulina.  Some manufacturers will add chemicals to create a capsule or a tablet that will quickly break down. Unfortunately, it has a detrimental impact on its potency.



 best form of Spirulina

Most Spirulina manufacturers do not include any filler in their products.  However, some manufacturers will use a binder for their tablets to firmly hold the herb together.  One popular binder would be silicon dioxide which can make up 30% of the tablet.  It implies that you may need to ingest a higher amount of tablet to ensure that your body receives the optimal dosage. However, we do not recommend this.  In case you want to get rid of the additives, the powder would be the best form of Spirulina for you.


Cost and Storage

 Spirulina powder

When you are looking for the best forms of Spirulina, depending on the cost, both of them are offered at a very reasonable price (tablets are still the least expensive form).  There are diverse ways to consume spirulina powder; you can mix it in your everyday food or soup.  It is a very efficient method if you plan to consume it in the comfort of your home.  You may also purchase an empty capsule at the drugstore to put and store the powder form.  So if you analyze the storing factor of the two forms of Spirulina, there is no difference.


In the end, the choice of the best form of Spirulina highly depends on your preference.  You will need to consider the abovementioned factors to determine if it is a perfect form for you.

Best Form of Spirulina Against Cancer


best form of Spirulina

Nature has an uncanny way of protecting you from health hazards such as cancer, but it is still totally up to you whether to utilize them. Based on the records, the Japanese have lower heart ailments and cancer incidents than Singapore. Unknown to most of us, Spirulina has long been utilized by the Japanese as a part of their ancient medicine. This microalga that commonly grows in alkaline water lakes has amazing health benefits against cancer.


High Source of Phytonutrients


The green pigment of the Spirulina is more than just the aesthetic feature of the microalgae. It has a high source of an anti-cancer agent such as phycocyanin which is clinically proven to prevent the development of the cancer cell. The increased amount of chlorophyll is one factor that makes it a potent cancer-fighting substance. Its ability to suppress the accumulation cell will prevent the cell from being too active and result in symptomatic cancer.


The Ability to Boost Immune System

 Spirulina Against Cancer

People with a low immune system are more likely to develop cancer cells. The Spirulina can enhance the immune system and stimulate the natural cancer-fighting ingredient and other immune system components. It also can fight other chronic illnesses apart from cancer such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and AIDS. Researchers have been conducting a thorough analysis on the power of the best form of Spirulina against cancer ever since 1995, which produced a dramatic result. Study shows that more than 45% of the subjects with oral cancers had shown an immense improvement when they were given Spirulina for a year due to the activation of the anti-cancer immune system.


Targeting the Cancerous Cell

 Spirulina Against Cancer

Compared to the radiation and chemotherapy that targets the cancer cell and destroys the healthy cell, the Spirulina contains a substance that specifically targets the cancer cells. The Spirulina contains curcumin, isoflavone, indo-3-carbinole, resveratrol, and quercetin, which activate a chemo-preventive ingredient that stabilizes the over-active cells.


Various studies support the power of the best form of Spirulina Against Cancer. An examination that involves tobacco smoke that acquired an oral leukoplakia, wherein he was administered with 1 gram of Spirulina every day for one year, produced an outstanding result. The patient showed a significant improvement after using the microalgae product after a year.   Another study that was performed at the Oregon State University involves animals that are exposed to cancer substances. They found out that the group of animals given Spirulina has a lower chance of developing tumors than the set of animals that are not provided with the supplements.


Best Form of Spirulina Brands in the Market Today

 Spirulina Against Cancer

Spirulina is an all-natural product that can nourish your body and mind. The accumulation of the amazing nutrients packed inside the Spirulina is truly remarkable, which is probably the main reason people refer to it as a "miracle herb." It has thiamine that can support our nervous system and improve our heart health, iron to prevent the exhausting feeling, a rich source of amino acids to enhance the immune system with the help of Vitamin B6. Nonetheless, to guarantee the product's efficacy, you need to make sure that the product contains no additives. Here are the best form of spirulina brands in the market today.



Earthrise Spirulina


The spirulina product of Earthwise is a world-class, best form of spirulina brand offered in California. They have the largest farm of Spirulina located in the Sonoran Desert, situated at the south-eastern portion of California, which is far from the city, airports, and highway. It is a cultured farm maintained under a controlled environment without utilizing any herbicide or pesticide. The result is high-quality Spirulina that is not only delicious but is also nutritious. However, it also comes with a high price tag.


Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina

 Spirulina Against Cancer

The Nutrex is one of the best form of Spirulina brands because of the quality and the delicious taste. The quality of their product is probably due to the tropical weather; the farm is located at the coast of Kona, which is mostly sunny. This place receives a high amount of sunny season every year compared to the other coast in the United States, allowing Nutrex to produce Spirulina for the greater part of the year.


Now Spirulina Powder


There are different reasons why Now Spirulina Powder is the best form of spirulina brand. They are family-owned businesses that have been working in the industry of medicine for quite some time now. They are renowned for providing high-quality drugs, including Spirulina.


 Best form of Spirulina

Healthforce Spirulina Azteca


It is one of the best form of spirulina brands offered in Chile. It has been providing the public with 100% natural supplements. With their experience and the optimal process of culturing the product, they were able to develop the purest form of Spirulina. They claim that it is beyond the Organic form, which they referred to as Truganic. Their entire list of products has to go under a complete analysis and comprehensive testing to ensure that it complies with their high standard.


Spirulina offers a wide variety of medical benefits to consumers. But to ensure its efficacy, you have to purchase the best form of Spirulina product in the market. You can be sure that you are getting the highest quality of Spirulina.



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