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Moms looking for extra income should consider online jobs. It will give them additional income and a flexible schedule to take care of the house and the family.  Online jobs will allow you to work in the comfort of your home, which is extremely important in this time of the pandemic.  If you are looking for work from home, data entry jobs are a popular choice among Moms.  It will not take a massive amount of your time, plus they only need to follow a basic direction to complete that data entry task


Work From Home:  Data Entry Jobs

 Data entry jobs

Data Entry is the process of typing data from one source to transfer it to another source by using the computer.  Most companies are opting to outsource their data entry tasks through a company that hires home-based freelancers. Most of these companies are legit and will offer you real opportunities; however, beware of the scam companies providing work from home data entry jobs.  Most of them will give you a contract that has a massive salary for minimum work.


Many trustworthy and reliable organizations offer work from home, data entry jobs, transcription, and others.  They will never ask you for an upfront fee or a certain membership fee to apply to a specific job they posted.  Here are some of the reliable and genuine companies that are offering real opportunities in Data Entry.


Top Companies That Offers Work from Home:  Data Entry Jobs


Virtual Bee


This company is continuously searching for a freelancer who will complete the data entry task that they receive from large companies.  They have a small and essential qualification for their prospected data entry worker.  Once you pass their assessment, you will then be allowed to complete a data entry job.  To begin your work, log in to the platform of Virtual Bee, and you will be able to see work from home, data entry jobs posted on their site.  You may claim an available task and start working.  The starting pay of the freelancers on Virtual Bee is around $5-$6.  The amount of threshold before you will get a payout is $30.  With high precision and accuracy, and fast typing skills, Virtual Bee is the online portal to find an easy data entry task.




Fiverr is not only solely focused on data entry tasks.  Unlike the traditional method of finding a job wherein the available jobs are posted, Fiverr will require you to post your area of expertise, and the contractor will find you.  You may post any skills you have, such as video editing, transcribing, photo editing, writing, translating, computer proficiency, and others.  If you are looking to work from home- data entry jobs sites like Fiverr are the perfect way to advertise your skill on data entry.



Great American Opportunities


The data entry work you can find on this site is just seasonal but is a great place if you are looking for ways to work from home.  Data entry Jobs opportunities can be accessed by sending your cover letter at their email address




Sigtrack is an online crowdsourcing opportunity that will ask freelancers to deal with petitions and the registration of the voters.  Payment is based on the number of tasks you finished and will be modified based on your accuracy.



Upwork (Formerly called Odesk)


Upwork is similar to Fiverr, but instead of the freelancers' skills, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of work from home data entry jobs posted on the site.  It also has many home-based jobs such as transcription, customer service, game tester, game developer, research, and others.


Skills Needed to Work from Home:  Data Entry Jobs

 Work from home data entry jobs

·         Fast Typing Skill- most work from home data entry jobs have a TAT (turn-around-time), so you have to be quick to finish them, or else the client will have a wrong impression on you and will never hire you again.


·         Accuracy-Remember that the data you will transfer into another source will need to be accurate, especially if it is about census, company information, membership, directory, etc.


·         Microsoft Word and Excel Proficiency-Aside from the essential typing skill, you should also know how to perform simple commands on Word and Excel, especially if you are working on mathematical equations.


·         Reliable Computer-Your computer needs to be working in perfect condition.


·         Fast Internet- Some tasks will require you to download the documents before performing work from home, data entry jobs.


·         Resume-your online resume that you will submit should not be the conventional type of resume.  Be direct bout your skills.


Today there is a significant demand for people who work from home.  Data entry jobs for beginners will usually pay a low salary rate; but if you managed to hold on and prove your skill to the client, you will be awarded an increase in just a short time.

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