How to Make Money on the Side with Online Gaming

People often think that the only thing that online gaming can offer is being addicted to it.  Some people believe that if only there were ways on how to make money on the side with online gaming, then things would be better.  Fortunately, your dream of generating money through online gaming is now a reality.  There are lots of sites that will offer you some cash in exchange for playing their games.  The amount of compensation you will gain from playing may also vary.  It can start from an actual wage which can exponentially increase up to six figures yearly.  For instance, the game testers will earn a basic salary while the eSport players accumulate thousands of cash.


How to Make Money on the Side by Playing Online Games


Heads Up! If you think that earning income through online gaming is easy, it might be a bit more challenging than you expect.  For most people, it is a way on how to make money on the side, but it will never replace your day job.


Be a Game Tester

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The large video gaming company tends to hire beta users and pay them to search for any known bugs that they can find before they release them to the public.  The scope of the job is typically to test the game repetitively and create a short report about your analysis, including the bug that you managed to find.  Some people are also referring to this job as play-testing.  Most gamers will commonly think of this job as an entertaining and easy task, but if you do not have the patience, this is not for you.  The position also pays only a minimum wage, and you are not secured with your job.  Also, do not expect that you will play a game that suits your taste; there are times that you need to play kids' games.  It is one of the ways on how to make money on the side, but the tasks are redundant and monotonous.


Farm Gold and Online Items to Make Money on the Side

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Many of you who have been playing online games since the age of World of Warcraft may be aware of Farming Gold.  It is so common for you to saw an advertisement about gold and the price within the game.  You may also see some online gamers selling premium items in exchange for real cash.  Remember the black market on Diablo 2? Blizzard is not preventing their players from selling money online.  They are also earning at least 1% of commission for every sale.  It is a legal way on how to make money on the side with online games.


eSport Tournament

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If you are looking for more substantial money, then being a player of the eSport Tournament may be your solution.  Valve introduced a tournament where the winning team took home $100,000 cash.  International competitions are being held all year round. It is a perfect way on how to make money on the side for skilled gamers.


Get Paid to Livestream Games


How to Make Money on the Side with Online Gaming

As long as you have a game, a console, and a working webcam, it is relatively easy for you to stream your games for the world to see. However, it can be difficult to build a loyal audience to monetize your live stream. The biggest platform would be Twitch, but you should also use YouTube. It will take some time to build an audience who will habitually watch your Livestream. It will be common for you to have ten views for all your videos for a couple of months. It will also be possible to keep your viewers to only 100 audiences for a couple of years. Remember that the gaming world is too saturated with people who want to make it big. You should give the audience a reason why they should choose you over the more popular channels.


Creating Video Tutorials, Walkthroughs, and Guides

 How to Make Money on the Side with Online Gaming

There will always be newcomers in the gaming world, especially on MOBA, MMORPG, And PVP games. Therefore, there are means to earn money by providing helpful guides to this market. There are several routes to choose from; you can publish eBooks, create video tutorials, and write guides. You can monetize them through donations. Concerning eBooks, you can earn profit through sales. Anyone who has been playing the game for too long can create a guide. However, you should also understand that there are already a bunch of guides that you can find online. You want to separate yourself from these people to ensure that the gaming community will choose you as their go-to source on the gaming guide. Make sure that you have strong writing proficiency. If you post it online, you should be aware of the basic SEO strategy.



Gaming Podcast


If you have a couple of things to say and want to cover various topics, opening a podcast or hosting a YouTube channel is the best option to make money on the side of online gaming. You can invite high-profile gamers or streamers and interview them on your podcast. It could be a simple discussion or providing tips on a specific game. One challenge in making a profit out of your channel is building a sizable number of followings. It won’t be easy; you need to create compelling content. If the topic is boring, shallow, and has poor production, don’t expect the gaming community to be interested in your content.


Selling Gaming Accounts

 How to Make Money on the Side with Online Gaming

All of us will spend significant time and resources playing a particular game. There’s a chance that you can earn revenue by selling some of your gaming items. Some players want to collect items; while it is impossible to create a sizable income using this strategy, it may help cover some of the expenses that you will make on the game. You should also consider selling your account if you are no longer interested in playing the game. It may seem like a waste, but it is a good way to recoup all the investment you make in playing the game.

Last but not least, if you are not a skilled gamer, you may write a sponsored article or review about a specific online game.   It is an excellent technique on how to make money on the side for people who have a flair for words.

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