How to Improve Your Typing Speed


Improve your typing speed

If you did not pay enough attention in your typing class during your high school class, there is a high chance that you are looking for ways on how to improve your typing speed today.  Based on the study, if a person can show a recognizable increase in his typing skill, he will save at least 300 hours per year.  Here are some tips that you can use to enhance the speed of your typing.


Essential Tips on How to Improve Your Typing Speed


Pay attention to the guides and techniques that we will mention below. All of these strategies have been proven effective in improving your typing speed.


Proper Position


You should find a place where you can sit comfortably.  Observe proper posture; the keyboard should be leveled on the waistline.  Practice placing your fingers on the appropriate keys.  You should also exercise using the pads of your fingers and not your fingernails.


Proper Placing to Increase Your Typing Speed


Learn about the proper placing of your fingers on the keyboard.  To improve your typing speed, see to it that you are using both of your hands.  The fingers on the left hand should be placed on A-S-D-F respectively, and the fingers on the right hand should be above J-K-L-; and the thumb is reserved for the spacebar.  Once you get used to it, you will notice that it is faster and more convenient to type this way.


Avoid Looking at the Keyboard

 How to Improve your typing speed

After learning the proper placing of the fingers, the next thing to know is to type your document without looking at the keyboard.  Imagine when you are driving a car, are you going to look on the steering wheel or the road? Also, practice typing what you hear if you want to increase your typing speed. Listen to a television show and start typing the things you hear.  It will help you to become more familiar with the words.



Don’t Check the Typos


As much as possible, avoid errors when typing.  However, we all know that there will always be an instance when you will commit a mistake.  In case of a typo, we recommend you to continue typing and ignore the typos.  When typing, you are training yourself to type faster.  You can always check the typos later after you finished typing the document.


Play Typing Games and Use Software


We all know that trying to improve your typing speed can be a tedious activity. If you want to get engaged in typing, you should play typing games like Typer Shark or TypeRacer that are both fun and appealing.  There’s also software that offers typing lessons that you can purchase at a very affordable price.  However, if you do not want to spend some money, online tutorials are available for free.


Practice to Increase Your Typing Speed


Last and probably the best tip to improve your typing speed.  Practice as often as possible.  Practice even though you find it stressful and frustrating. If you feel like your fingers are starting to get tired, you may rest for a while before you start practicing again.


You can also improve your typing speed by using shortcut keys when formatting your document.  Shortcut keys are designed to shorten the process of longer commands.  By following these tips, you can instantly notice an improvement in your typing skill.




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