Easy Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms.  It is not just a way to share your insights with your followers and update your friends about your current status.  Others see this social media site as a way to connect to a prominent personality, voice out their opinion, and gain online fame.  On the other hand, companies are using this as a part of their customer service and increase their visibility and authority online.  But to improve the online credibility, they must have a horde of active Twitter audience.  Here are some easy ways to gain Twitter followers.


Simple and Easy Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

 Gain Twitter followers

If you want to be an influencer, or if you're going to boost your social media presence, we are sharing some of the ways to gain Twitter followers. Most of them are free and will only require a small amount of your time.


Embedding Twitter Account on Blog or Website


If you have a blog or an official site, the first thing you have to do is announce to your web followers that you have a Twitter account.  You will not gain Twitter followers if they don't know that it exists. If they enjoy reading the articles on your blog site, there is also a possibility that they will enjoy reading your tweet.  This platform is, after all, a micro-blogging site.  The Twitter account should be located on a visible part of the Homepage, like the header or sidebar.


Updating Your Bio to Gain Twitter Followers

 Easy Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

You have only 160 characters to impress the twitter community about your bio.  Include the things you do or the things you like so people who share the same interest will follow you.  If you are a blogger, add the things that you commonly blog about.  If there is still a space, add a short description; it gives you a sense of mystery.  Also, do not forget to include your photo.  You may also automate the link posted on your Twitter account; this is one of the easy ways to gain Twitter followers.


Mention Three New Users Everyday


Mentioning at least three new users daily is a great and practical practice to gain Twitter followers.  To find the people to mention, you may use a certain hash tag related to your product or service. You may start following them and mentioning them on your timeline, and they will most probably be one of your followers.  Help them if they inquire about your services or send them a simple form of gratitude like saying Thank you.


Using a Dot Before Mentioning
 Increase Your Twitter Followers

If you mention a specific user, that mention will only appear on the timeline of the user.  However, if you put a dot before the "@" character, that tweet will appear on your followers' timeline.


Participate in Tweet Chats to Gain Twitter Followers

Participating in tweet chats would be the perfect way to increase your followers.  If the people who participate in the tweet chat saw that you have authority on a specific subject, they will possibly follow you.


These tips and tricks are just simple ways to gain Twitter followers.  Follow these, and you will definitely increase your online audience and boost your online authority and presence.

How to Use Twitter Effectively to Gain Twitter Followers

increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is a powerful tool that will help your business expand without investing a significant amount of cash. It is also a perfect way to interact and engage with your customers. Based on the latest statistics, Twitter has more than 300 million active users per month, and an average of 500 million tweets are sent daily. That number is projected to increase in the coming years. As the social media platform grows, more and more brands are incorporating it into their marketing tactics. One challenge in using Twitter for a business marketing platform is the sheer number of tweets per day, making it difficult for your tweet to reach the right audience. Thus, it will also be difficult for you to gain Twitter followers.


Best Twitter Practices for Business and Marketing


If you are still using the old advice in social media marketing, they still work; however, they will not be enough. If you want to stand out in the competition, you need to update your marketing tactics with the best practices that will help you gain Twitter followers.


Scale It

 gain Twitter followers

You are probably thinking about what to tweet on Twitter that the audience will like and keep them interested. However, that thing is no longer enough to keep your audience engaged. When you don’t see the right engagement in your tweet, it does not necessarily mean that they do not like the stuff you are tweeting; your tweet may not be visible to them. Even celebrities and digital influencers no longer see the level of engagement they once had five years ago. Some brands addressed this problem by having an individual conversation with their audience. It is more powerful to reach out to your audience directly when using Twitter for business. One of the reasons companies prefer not to take this route is that this task is difficult to scale. However, communicating directly is more effective than posting a tweet often overlooked. It will help you gain Twitter followers.


Understand its Algorithm


When Twitter changed its feed layout, some brands didn’t care about it. However, the reverse chronological order of Twitter has a beneficial impact on your marketing strategy. The social media platform algorithm rewards the brand by making it visible to the audience interested in their tweet. Learning how to gain Twitter followers requires you to understand its algorithm. The post that receives a higher engagement rate will most likely show at the tops of the feed once your audience opens their Twitter account.


Using Video

 gain Twitter followers

Perhaps, Vine has already disappeared, but thanks to the inherent video system of Twitter, video marketing has become alive, and it will continue to thrive this 2017. Never overlook the power of video. Keeping your audience engaged by using video is one of the best ways to gain Twitter followers. Based on the stats, at least 82% of the users on Twitter are watching videos.


Finally, it is highly recommended to tweet frequently when using Twitter for business marketing strategy. During the early years of the microblogging site, it is relatively simple to overwhelm your audience. However, today most users are following thousands of accounts, and your account will not be noticeable if you tweet once every 30 minutes. Try to tweet at least once every 5 minutes, but be sure that it still offers the audience some value.



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