Dedicated Server: Cheap Web Hosting for Your Business

Cheap web hosting is now an essential part of the business marketing campaign, regardless of how large or small, your business may be. This gives you a chance to reach a targeted set of audience in a wider scope. It is a perfect way to keep the interaction between your clients and your business. If your company does not have an official website, today is the ideal time to find a perfect provider. It is a must to check your company's needs before choosing your provider. If you want total control of your web, a cheap dedicated server may suit you.


The Benefits of Choosing Cheap Dedicated Server 

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Here are some of the benefits of choosing a dedicated server. This will help convince you that it is your business's perfect option.


Resources Are Not Shared


A dedicated cheap web hosting provider will let you get the entire resources of one server. You don't have to stress about different web domains clogging the server of the RAM and the CPU. A dedicated server can ensure that the bad scripts on the other sites will not affect your site. Spikes in transmission capacity are also managed.


Upgraded Execution and Security

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Picking a dedicated server ensures the highest uptime for your site. Shared hosting is for websites with low online activity. If your site gets a lot of traffic, a dedicated server gives better steadiness. The dependability of the server is also improved compared to Shared Hosting. It can ensure that you aren't allotting space to a spam site or a site with malware. This cheap web hosting option has improved security. It is especially critical for organizations that are taking care of sensitive information.




Dedicated web hosting delivers the flexibility of creating a customized server. You can tailor it based on the customer's requirements. Shared hosting will keep your programming constrained. Application and working environment are also limited. A dedicated Server permits an adjustable server that is suitable for their necessities. They can pick the framework and programming they need. This provides better control of the arrangement of the server.


Unique IP

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Every dedicated server has its own IP address. Shared Hosting will share your IP to different web domains. If a neighboring site contains spam or malware, the SERP of your site can suffer. A dedicated server gives you your personal IP address. It is particularly vital if you are a huge running e-trade site. You will need SSL for the processing of credit cards


No Purchasing of Equipment or Equipment Maintenance


A dedicated server is ideal for a company that does not have ample resources. It is a cheap way to get access to the entire server's resources. The web hosting provider handles the expenses of purchasing equipment and hardware.


Remember the pointers above when choosing between a shared environment and a dedicated server. Keep in mind that the convenience of your cheap web hosting site can boost the success of your online business.


Moving From Shared Hosting To Dedicated Server Hosting Plan?

The shared hosting site is only perfect for smaller websites, but once the website starts to grow bigger, it is time for you to move it to a cheap dedicated server. There are two types of dedicated server hosting plans, virtual dedicated and full dedicated. To identify the types of servers perfect for your website, it is essential to know the difference between them.


Shared, Virtual and Dedicated

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Shared hosting is defined as a server with shared resources on different web pages. Usually, a web page hosted on a shared hosting site has at least a hundred different websites partaking in their resources. The site owner has no direct command over the content of the sites that are eating your resources and the way these sites are coded. Shared hosting is only excellent for a private blog and local business site that attracts a low amount of traffic


Virtual Private Server (VPS)


When your website starts to grow, the next logical step for you to take is to transfer it to a VPS. VPS or Virtual Private Server is located on a single and more dominant dedicated server in a virtual environment. The huge difference with VPS is that even though they are still in a partaking environment, resources are designated specifically to different VPS. Another benefit that you can have through VPS is acquiring your own IP address through your server. This will enable you to host various sites in a single IP. Furthermore, you will now have enough control over the content of these websites.


Dedicated Hosting

 Cheap Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting is the process of purchasing or leasing a cheap dedicated server to a dedicated service provider. You will then be able to install your applications or software and manage them yourself. Your budget defines the limit to what you can install on your site.


Moving from Shared to Dedicated Server

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Before moving your shared hosting on your new dedicated hosting server, you must first change the server's specifications that you want and order on the server provider. The dedicated hosting provider will notify you if your cheap dedicated server is already installed. You will be provided with access to the interface and complete the installation process by agreeing to the terms and conditions presented by the service provider. On the home screen of your account, there is an option to create a new account. You must then fill in all the required details to complete the set-up process.


Moving files can be the easiest but the longest process. Moving is just composing the entire backup of your system and copying them to another server. Filezilla can be an essential tool when transferring your database to another dedicated server as it provides you with a notification if some trouble may occur.




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