6 Ways to Increase Your Electronic Mailing List

Email Marketing is not dead. Attracting customers through an electronic mailing list has changed, but it is still effective. Email campaign has the highest ROI in digital marketing. It can even be more productive when you use it with other platforms such as your social media channel. You need to take advantage of this marketing and generate a healthy and valid lead list. Here’s how:


6 Proven Ways on How to Increase Electronic Mailing List


Electronic Mailing List

Pay attention to the list that we will mention below. Make sure to integrate the strategies below in your marketing campaign to generate desirable results. We will also give you a short guide on buying an electronic mailing list from companies.

1. Place Your Opt-in Invitation in a Visible Location

Electronic Mailing List

When determining the location for your newsletter invitation, you will need to use a heat map. It will help you identify the place on your page with high engagement. Usually, we recommend placing it at the upper-half portion of your website since it receives more attention. Know that the most crucial element of your email marketing campaign is your mailing list. You want to ensure that you will collect a decent number of high valued leads. Place your newsletter form in a more prominent location on your webpage. 

2. Make Sure They Will Not Miss it

If your webpage is too crowded, adding another section will make it cluttered. You may use popup or popover when promoting your opt-in form. Nonetheless, be careful in using the popup. The increasing popularity of adblocker means that most users hate them. Make sure to program the popup to show in a place that will not distract the audience. You should use a lightbox when promoting the opt-in form of your mailing list.


3. Offer Something Valuable

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You need to make your audience feel that they are at a disadvantage if they ignore your opt-in form. The value that you are offering to them should hit them directly. It should make them realize that something is in store for them when they join your electronic mailing list. You can provide them a free download of your eBook, update about sales, and exclusive offers. We call these lead magnets. Also, you should create a sense of urgency by adding a countdown if you are promoting a product or service.

4. Conduct a Contest

People love participating in a contest where they can win something. There are different competitions, but remember that your primary goal is to build your mailing list. For instance, require them to sign-up to participate in the game. It is also an example of offering something important for your readers in exchange for their email addresses. It is a great way to boost your email campaign.

5. Your Newsletter Should Be Niche Specific


Your newsletter is the driving force of your mailing list. If you send a non-informative newsletter, expect that there will be a lot of opt-outs. It will affect the quality of your lead list. There will always be opt-out, but you can reduce it by providing a niche-specific newsletter. It is like using particular bait that will catch your desired fish.

6. Track

It is an essental part of your email marketing and mailing List building. The analytical interface will tell you crucial things for increasing the email list. It may include opt-out, spam complaint, forward, share, open, and delivery. It will tell you which topic has the highest opening rate, which you can use to increase the lead list.

These are six essential tips on how you will increase your mailing list. Make sure that you will get an email confirmation to improve the quality and viability of your lead list.

Guide on Buying Mailing List

 Electronic Mailing List

There are different ways that you can use to build your mailing list. Some people prefer to use social media. Sadly, social media sites like Instagram or Facebook are not good sources of high-quality leads. Webinars, telemarketing, and even search marketing are effective. However, they are intricate, preventing them from being utilized to their full potential. Leads generated through these procedures are limited to a specific industry.


Frequently Asked Questions on Buying Mailing List


If you are looking for an effective way to build your mailing list, there are b2b lead generation companies where you can buy them. Most of the time, they are offered at an affordable rate. The database is tailored based on the nature of your business. It allows you to ensure that there will be a higher conversion rate. To help you decide, here are the top questions you should ask when buying leads.


How Much Are the Sales Leads?


When purchasing a mailing list, make sure that it will fit your entire budget. Ask them about the minimum purchase. Determine how much they charge on filtering the sales leads. There are b2b lead generation companies that will charge you lower fees. Nonetheless, you should be wary since most of them have a higher cost when filtering the list. Regarding the price, find a balance between minimum cost and filtering charge. It would be best to focus your efforts on targeting interested individuals. You could be increasing the marketing cost without receiving a decent ROI if you plan to cast your net wide.


How Do They Create Their Database?


It is also essential to know their process of collecting these sales leads. You may want to refrain from buying mailing list from web scrapers. They are using outdated information found on the internet. Look for a company that tends to create an updated database at least once a year.


What Should You Expect in Case of Inaccurate Information?

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B2B lead generation companies should have a policy if there is erroneous information in their leads. Some of them will offer a return policy. They believe that it can establish their credibility in the business. It will also allow them to update their mailing list by deleting the dead leads. A return policy will also save you some money.


If there is an error, there will be two types of messages that you may receive. Experts call these errors on mailing list as soft bounce and hard bounce. Soft bounces are based on a temporary condition; this may include an off-from-work issue, cluttered inbox, and server under maintenance. Hard Bounce is distinguished based on an irreversible error. It may happen during a non-existent email or other misinformation on the contact.

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