5 Design Tips to Create the Best Call to Action


Call to action

When you are designing a webpage, one of the essential parts would be the call-to-action button.  A compelling CTA button can increase the subscription and the conversion rate.  

The function of the buttons included in the web design is to capture the online community's attention.  It should give them the desire to perform specific actions such as subscribing, downloading, calling their hotline, and others.  

Here are some practical tips to create the best call to action to create a compelling CTA design.


Design Tips to Create the Best Call to Action

Pay attention to the recommendation that we will list here. While there are no one-size-fits-all solutions CTA design, the tips below have been proven to be effective in capturing the audience's attention.


Type of Buttons


The best call to action buttons are the subscribe button (including joining the mail subscription and registering), Buy Now, and Learn More Button.  

The Buy Now would be great to see in an e-commerce website design

The "Learn More" button is perfect for educating readers about a specific service or product.  

The subscribe button is mostly the pop-ups and the banner ads that ask you to subscribe to their newsletter.  You may use this in conjunction with each other or use a specific button perfect for your webpage design.  

Other sites prefer using text links for their CTA, but unfortunately, this is not the most effective type of CTA due to the popularity of mobile devices.


Placement of the Best Call to Action

 Creating Call to Action

If you are a blogger and a member of an affiliate site, you will understand that placement is a big deal when creating the best call to action.   

A simple change from the header to the sidebar on the design can increase the conversion rate by more than 304%.  Based on the study conducted, you should match the elements found in your webpage.   

Sometimes, CTA will produce a great result when placed above, in the middle, or under the content.  You have to experiment with the placement of your CTA button and see which is the best choice for you.


The Text on the Button


The primary reason why your CTA button design is not effective is that it does not "Call to take any action." 

When you look at the sites attracting high traffic, you will notice that their CTA has a particular text that will catch the audience's interest.  

Some of the most popular text includes Download, Demo, Free Trial, Click Here and Add to Cart. 

It would help if you captured their interest using simple words that encourage them to act. Keeping it concise is one of the tips to create the best call to action.


Color and Shape of the Best Call to Action

 Design tips to create the best call to action

The color of your CTA button should be contrasted with the site's color to make it more visible and appealing.  The customary shape of the CTA is a rectangle and circle.  

If you want to create a fancier button design, this should be justified during the web design process.


There are a lot of tips to create the best call to action.  You may use the entire tips or just a portion of it depending on what will work for your web design or what will not. You can also use the tips here to creae a perfect landing page that will boost your lead generation campaign




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