Guide on Google AdWords for Online Marketing Process

The world of online marketing has dramatically changed over the past few years. Last year, Google generated a total of $180 billion in revenue. The number tells that tons of companies use AdWords. Consequently, they find it a very effective tool.   Regardless of the nature of your company, size, and shape, Google AdWords is a powerful tool that can amplify your advertising campaign. If you are not familiar with Google Advertising, it is simply a PPC service that allows the client to run an advertisement for the company.


Who Are the People Who Use Google AdWords for their Online Marketing Process?

Google Adwords

One of the primary reasons companies choose Google AdWords compared to other marketing platforms for their marketing process is that it comes with lower advertising costs.  You also have better control and management over your campaign. This will translate to a higher conversion rate.  If you belong to the set of people mentioned below, you should think about utilizing this platform.


People Who Want to Increase their Lead Conversion


Google AdWords is one of the most effective tools to boost your lead conversion.  If you managed to set-up your marketing process properly, it could send targeted leads to your site.  This platform is designed to target the people searching for the things you can offer.  With Google Advertising, you will be able to continually refine and manage your campaign to make sure that potential customers will be lured to your website.


People Who Are Looking For Low-Cost Advertisement

 Google Advertising

Google AdWords will only require you to pay a nominal amount. This is ideal for small businesses that only have a minimum budget for their marketing process.  Even if you are a large player in a certain industry, you do not want to spend a significant amount of money if you are testing a new online platform.  There is no predetermined minimum investment that you need to pay or monthly threshold, which means less risk.  Another great thing about this tool is that you are only paying for the result that you are getting.  You will only pay whenever someone clicks the advertisement in a PPC option.


People Who Want To Get a High ROI


If you managed to optimize your Google Adwords well, there is a possibility of getting a high investment return.  This high ROI is highly unlikely to happen when you use the other platform for your online marketing process.  To achieve this, you will need to monitor and test your campaign continuously.  Google is ideal to utilize due to its transparency and the amount of readily available information.  You will see what type of campaign works and what doesn’t work.


Regardless of the company’s size, everyone is indeed using Google AdWords.  Avoid slacking behind and improve your marketing process immensely.


Search Engine Optimization and Ads for Your Business SEM


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most cost-efficient digital marketing strategy. However, it also takes a lot of effort to understand it. A slight mistake can spell doom for your company, but it can immensely increase your online presence and authority when you get it right. Success in SEO implementation highly depends on the important factors affecting SERP. SEO combined with different types of ads such as Google AdWords would be the primary component of SEM or Search Engine Marketing. This is an important tool when you are executing a digital marketing campaign. Depending on the goal that you set, there are times that you need to use them together to reach a better result.


Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization

 Google Adwords

If this is your first time to hear about digital marketing, you probably don’t know about PPC, CPP, Bids, Social Media Targeting Ads, Natural Listing Ads. Let us take a quick look at this matter. AdWords is a paid advertising platform managed by Google, the major search engine site. We understand that it is tough for you to land on the 1st page of the search engine site, and Google AdWords can make that possible for you. Advertisers will also see their advertisement on a prominent location on sites owned by Google such as YouTube, Google+, Gmail, and the millions of websites with Google Adsense. There are two options that you can choose from CPM or CPC.


Results May Take a While

 Google Adwords

Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of effort. It may probably take a couple of months or years before you start to notice a change in your traffic. The SEO is focused on getting a high SERP on different search engine sites such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google, essential in digital marketing. To successfully do an SEO campaign, you need to make your site SEO-Friendly. This includes posting informative content, having a mobile-friendly and responsive website, link building, using long-tail keywords, and others.


Using SEO and Adwords


Both AdWords and SEO offer a great tool for Search Engine Marketing; the only difference is that AdWords will be able to grant you a faster result. You will only need to pay for every visit that you receive from Google AdWords. This is something that start-up companies will truly desire. But do not forget about your SEO digital marketing campaign, as it offers a longer-lasting result. While using AdWords, it will be beneficial to implement your Search engine Optimization on your marketing campaigns, such as content marketing and social media marketing.


All in all, using Google AdWords together with SEO is the most recommended approach to your digital marketing campaign. They both have a level of intricacy and complexity that the experts can completely understand. It is advised to carefully proceed with Search Engine Optimization if you plan to do it independently. If you want to make sure about it, hire the service of an expert that will offer a comprehensive service.

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