Facebook Ads vs Google Ads?

Facebook and Google are the two giant companies in the advertising industry. Both platforms have billions of active users. This means that having high presence on these sites will lead to increased organic traffic and leads. They are unique and quite effective. Additionally, they come with tools that you can use to gauge the efficacy of your campaign.

The Difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Facebook Advertisement
Facebook Advertisement or Google Ads |Global Panorama via Flickr
Let us first look at the difference on these marketing platforms. We will analyze the strengths and the features of these platforms and how they differ.

Google Adwords is the biggest PPC marketing platform. It is so popular that it has already become associated with ‘paid search’. Though Bing is offering paid search, Google Ads has remained untouchable in the PPC game. Paid search tend to focus on the targeted keyword and text-based ads. Basically, marketers who are utilizing this platform will bid on a particular keyword. A user will then perform a search query on Google. Their advertisement will then appear together with the other organic search result. Every time that the user will click on their ads, the marketer will be charged with a particular amount.

Facebook Ads or ‘paid social’ is marketing on social networking platform. This social media site has the highest amount of active users. Due to this, FB has become a profitable element of the company’s advertising strategy. Compared to the ‘paid search’ where keyword influence the ads, paid social depends on the user's behavior.

Google Adwords

Google is considered as the leader in digital marketing. It receives an average of 3.5 billion queries per day. Google Ads is a lucrative tool for the advertisers and it allows them to connect to millions of users. These users are looking for information on services and products. There are no other search engine sites that can expose your ads to massive audience except Google. Some people think that those who have larger marketing budget will win the slot. Fortunately, paid search does not work that way. It will focus on the relevance and quality of the advertisement. Ads are also available in different formats.


Facebook Advertisement

Facebook Ads may be a newbie when compared to Google Ads. However, the company has placed considerable efforts in refining their marketing solution. With at least 1.5 billion active users, it has the highest concentration of social media users. But the real strength of this social media site is on its share feature. It allows them to share the advertisement and give your brand a wider reach. The consumers can also interact with your posts which can increase the possible ROI.

So in case you are choosing between these two marketing platform, both of them are powerful. They cater to a particular type of business. Rather than pitting them against each other, it is best to use Facebook Ads and Google Ads in conjunction.

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