Is There a Way to Recover from Awful Business Review?

Some business owners will tell you that it is normal for a business to receive negative feedback. They will advice you that you should not look at it as a setback to your business but take this as an opportunity to grow. Negative business review will give you insights on the areas that need improvement. Dealing with the negative reviews can also help you address the concern of your consumers. This can create repeat customer. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about awful reviews. Awful reviews are the type of bad reviews that becomes permanent.

Dealing with the Awful Business Review

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Not long ago, a great location, high foot traffic and detailed marketing tactics can guarantee the success of business. They will never encounter any issue with regards to finding customers. Nowadays, one awful business review planted online can affect your business profitability. With social media, everyone can say something once they experienced something unpleasant. There are also review sites such as GlassDoor and Yelp that have high credibility and authority. Reviews here can show on the search result. If you don’t do something about the awful reviews, you won’t be able to reclaim the integrity of your company.

Replacing the Awful Reviews

When a customer conducts a branded search, the negative business review should remain hidden. Companies with a positive branded search do not automatically happen. There is a good chance that they manipulated the search result. One way to do this is to replace the awful reviews with owned properties.

When looking for the types of properties make sure that it has a high DA (Domain Authority). These are property linked to your site, a property that has a brand name on its address and properties filled with positive business review. You may also add owned properties such as the website that you own, social media account, cross links.

Flag It

Review sites such as Yelp allow the business owners to flag a comment. They can take advantage of this when a customer is going overboard. In case a particular business review contains derogatory remarks, you may flag it. The system will remove it if they found it violating the Terms and Condition of Yelp.

Reach Out to the Customers

Getting a bunch of positive business review can also replace the negative comments. However, never opt for paid reviews. You might find yourself in legal battles once the review sites found out that you have been paying individuals to provide you positive reviews. There are various ways to encourage your customers on giving you positive testimonials. You may start from your immediate network such as your friends and family. You may also offer discounts to customer who will post a review about your business.

The reputation of our business matters. Receiving an awful business review can undermine the efforts and investment that we make. In case you received an awful review, the methods above will help you remove them.

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