Google Search and SERP

Google Search and SERP (Search Engine Result Page) play major roles in online marketing. It builds an index and crawl websites which will provide the user with a ranking of websites. The rank of the websites will depend upon their relevancy and importance. The link structures will help the crawlers connect with the billion of documents found online. After Google discover these websites, they will interpret the codes and store them into a gigantic database. These information will be recalled when they are relevant on the search query. In order to accomplish this enormous task, Google have constructed numerous data centers in various parts of the globe.


Google Search and SERP: How Do They Determine the Popularity and Relevance of Websites?

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Google Search has implemented a lot of changes. Relevancy of a web page is more than just looking for a page that contains the right set of keywords. During the early years of the search engine, they are only covering simple steps. Search Engine Result Page that time has limited value. Nowadays, there are hundreds of elements that can affect the relevancy of your web page.

According to Google, a popular document, page and site should also provide essential information and content. This method has proven to be effective with regards to user satisfaction. Popularity and relevancy of the website should also be determined. By using complex mathematical equations they called algorithm, Google Search would be able to separate a quality site from a spam. They can also provide them with the SERP that they deserve. Algorithms of search engine sites are composed of thousands of variables.

Google Search on Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your webpage in order to be discovered by the search engine platforms. As a result you will be more visible on Google Search. This can be achieved through an array of methods such as Off-Page and On-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

The off-page optimization refers to the techniques that will affect the overall performance of the website. This may include link exchange, link building, content marketing and social bookmarking. It is also related with SMM, search engine submission and directory listings. The entire scope of Google Search with regards to off-site SEO is too wide to cover in a single article. What you need to know is that it helps you achieve a higher rank using the organic method.

On-Page SEO

Google Search On-page SEO is a practice of the site owners and content curators that allows the search engine platform to interpret the content easily. It includes the development of a comprehensive metadata for every elements and page of the website. It also involves the creation of unique URL, developing a clean HTML and adding the right set of keywords that will improve your presence on search results

There are times that the algorithm of the Google Search may seem unfathomable. By understanding factors that may affect it you will be able to improve your SERP and increase your organic traffic.

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