Experiential Marketing: Content Creation and Distribution

Experiential Marketing will not be usually included in a brand's marketing campaign. Yet, based on the latest statistics, it has become one of the most effective platforms. This is especially true when using it as a platform for content creation and distribution. Around 51% of marketers plan to boost their investment in experience-based content. Marketers are starting to emphasize promoting content created by the consumers. This is how experiential marketing is beginning to revolutionize the process of advertising. Furthermore, at least 98% of the consumers capture content during live events. Almost 100% audience is expected to share this content on their social media accounts. This will help their brand reach new customers.


Experiential Marketing: Cultivate the Consumer-Created and Distributed Content

The world of technology is in continuous change alongside the mainstream culture. Expect your experiential marketing to increase efficiency once equipped with today's media innovations. This will cultivate the emotion of the consumer. Ultimately, it will prompt them to create and distribute their experience-based content on their platform. Here are some traits that will tell you that your campaign is successful.


Product Tie-In

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Your marketing campaign should offer them a new experience. You can achieve it with the help of the latest technology trends. Nonetheless, it is still vital for your consumer to see your brand in those products. If not, they will only remember the technology they used and not your brand. Successful experiential marketing should engage the attendees of the live events. It should also prompt them to investigate the product and purchase them.

Creativity is a Must


Your creativity is crucial in capturing the interest of the consumer. It should encourage them to create content and share it on their social media network. This is crucial in the success of your experiential marketing strategy.


It Helps Gather the Crowd

 Experiential marketing

People shared their perfect experiences. They may gather their target crowd to watch the show or share it with others. To achieve this, you should develop a competitive game. For instance, you may rent a photo booth where everyone can take their photo. Great experiential marketing has an uncanny way of gathering the crowd together


Listen to the Customer's Feedback


Your experiential marketing campaign should encourage your customer to talk about your products. When the consumers start talking, it is time for you to listen to them. They can provide you with answers that you never thought were possible. It can also give you an insight into the things that interest them the most or the things that bore them to death. You should never ignore the input that the consumers can provide.


The success of experiential marketing will depend upon various things. Execution, ideas, and a profound understanding of your market and industry can affect this. The list we created above can help you guarantee the efficacy of your campaign. Make sure that your experienced-based marketing will cover the elements we stated above. However, do not neglect to offer them a great customer experience to provide them with outstanding service.



Tips in Providing a Great Customer Experience

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According to market research, a great customer experience results from outstanding service that will surprise the consumer and surpass expectations. Superb service often leads to positive word-of-mouth marketing among the customers. It should also be unforgettable and create a certain emotional connection and forge loyalty. This factor is mostly overlooked; many companies are putting too much attention in providing high-quality service and products thinking that it is the key to repeat business. However, creating that memorable and great customer experience is crucial for sales retention. Here are some tips to add the best customer service to your experiential marketing.



Understand the Customer


You should step inside the shoe of your consumer. As a customer, what kind of service would you like to receive? Upon knowing what your client wants, you will be able to provide the customer service they are looking for. You will also attend to their needs depending on their current condition. 


Show Empathy


If you are someone working in customer service, you will know how important it is to show empathy. You need to understand that they are making the call because they have certain worries that they need to fix, and they are hoping that you will provide them with some assistance. There will be some irate customers, but you need to understand where they are coming from. Showing empathy will provide efficient service and a great practice for customer experiential marketing.


Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes

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It is only natural for you to commit a mistake. Most customers will understand it; however, not taking responsibility for your error will surely give you and the company a bad reputation. It is essential in the business to be transparent, particularly in customer service. Always strive hard to provide a high-quality approach to your experiential marketing to retain sales.


Go Beyond the Scope of your Work


Employees willing to go on the extra mile will produce a great customer experience and result in grateful consumers. This means that the particular client will consider going to your service first before looking for the other service provided in the market.


Be Respectful

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Respect is highly treasured in different types of services and areas. As we mentioned above, you will have to deal with different types of customers when working in customer service. It frequently involves emotion, and you need to maintain your respectful attitude, no matter what the case may be. See that your feelings will not get the better of you, and your customer will enjoy the experience of acquiring your service or product.


Finally, when executing your experiential marketing, you should also ask for the customer's feedback to improve your customer service. There are lots of things you can learn from asking for feedback. Last May 2011, a renowned UK grocery store received input from a child asking about the tiger bread and wondering why it isn't called giraffe bread. The manager immediately changed the name of the tiger bread into giraffe bread and became their best-selling product.

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