Building Link: Effective Backlinking Strategy

Search engine platforms have been using links as part of their metrics since the latter part of the 90s. This is one of the factors that determine the authority of a website. They have been updating and modifying their algorithms when using link data. If you are building link using the outdated strategy, you can get penalized. The visibility and page authority of your website will suffer dramatically. Learning how to create quality backlinks can ensure an improved SERP ranking.


Building Link Using These Strategies


Effective Backlinking Strategy

Getting backlinks from high authority sites is essential. Backlinks from .edu and .gov sites will be rewarded. Also, the other site will only link to your website if your website is credible. As you are building link to authority sites, you will also receive more organic hits. Here are some ways how to create backlinks.


Using Social Media Sites


Social media sites are effective in advancing the company's marketing strategy. Some sites used for internet marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Furthermore, the link you post on the website will serve as a backlink. Creating a fan page for your website allows you to be more visible on this platform. It increases the chance of being shared, which will boost your engagement. Building link without the laborious process in social media is the goal of every company. Nowadays, some tools let you automatically schedule your post. Be sure that you will also have widgets on your website that allow your reader to automatically share your post with just a click of the button.


Press Release

 Building link

Press Release is another example of building link. In most cases, the companies employ this strategy if they will release a new product, blog, or website. However, it can also create a quality backlink. If you want to know how to create backlinks on press releases, tons of websites are designed for it. They are offering paid and free press releases. The press release should contain the link that directs back to your website. However, pay attention to the website's authority and its organic traffic. Nowadays, some sites manipulate their DA to receive free content from well-meaning bloggers.


Guest posts


Another strategy for building link that most website managers and owners use is guest posting. This is the act of creating blog posts or articles for other websites. The website owner will love this since he will receive an article for his website. When reaching out to website owners, be sure that it will be relevant to your industry. Guest blogging on websites with a different niche will not send any link juice on your blog.


Participating on Forums

 Building link

The easiest way to create backlinks is to submit posts on forums. This is like blog commenting. However, you need to make sure that the forum site is related to the topic of your website. It should have high authority. You may start a new thread or post a comment on an existing thread. Either way, this is an excellent way how to create backlinks. Unfortunately, most comments on a thread on forum sites have a no-follow tag.


The above list will deliver the correct result if you want to know an effective backlinking strategy. These are some of the building link strategies that website managers and marketers love to use.

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