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We will keep the terms simple to help you understand the legal use of the stock images. In most instances, royalty-free artworks cannot be used for copyright or trademark purposes. This is expected since you are purchasing the rights to use the image. You aren't the legal owner of the artwork.


Designers aren't allowed to use their creation in the logo contest. This is simply the case, even if they are the legal owner of the artwork. If they enter the design contest, they should inform the officials in advance. Shutterstock is strict on these terms. Any designers proven to neglect the proper procedures will be reprimanded. Unused Shutterstock free images within six months are unusable. Nonetheless, the images you used in your campaign will remain your property.


Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free

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There are two ways to do licensing; rights-managed and royalty-free. The royalty-free is the common thing that you see on Shutterstock. It means that someone is purchasing the license to use the image. The buyer can use the image many times without paying charges. The use of the images is subjected to explicit terms. There are limitations and restrictions. Make sure that you analyze the license first to be aware of the terms. Right-managed comes with a restriction when using. Some restrictions may include the duration, location, and industry.


License Fee

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Licensing fees will also be applied, but they are affordable. On average, the licensing fee will be around $20-$50. If you do not have the proper license to use the stock images, it can lead to unforeseen expenses. The legal owner of the product can file a legal claim against you if they find out that you are using a stock image that is not licensed. The penalties will cost thousands of dollars. You should avoid thinking of using a modified version of Shutterstock free images. Most artwork from Shutterstock comes with a tracking code. This makes them easy to identify.


The copyright of the image is exclusive to the owner of the artwork. This right has been preserved in around 160 countries from the time that the artist created the image. Using, adapting, modifying, or altering the image without the proper license or permission from the legal owner of the artwork can result in copyright infringement. Infringement will result in criminal charges, legal fees, lawsuits, and damages. All pieces of info are necessary to understand the legalities of Shutterstock free images.


Shutterstock: How to Credit

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There are instances when you are required to give credit to the author of the image on Shutterstock. If you will use it for video production, merchandise, or editorial context, it should constitute a credit to the contributor and Shutterstock. However, if you are using the image apart from the aforementioned reasons, credits are not obligatory. Note that you should have the right to use the image; attribution on the photo without the proper approval of the owner will not save you from copyright infringement. Based on copyright law, the right to decide whether the illustration, image, or photo can be used is solely reserved to the author.


Understanding the Editorial Images

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Based on the policy of Shutterstock, credit should be attributed to the contributor if it is going to be used on editorial context, merchandise, or video production. However, how will you determine if you are working on an editorial context? Editorial is the utilization of articles and stories of public interest and newsworthy. Some of the editorial articles are commonly used in books, documentaries, and news articles. Most visual content can be used for an editorial context, whether marked with 'For Editorial Only' or not. However, images with that mark should not be used for commercial purposes.


How to Add the Proper Credit

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If a visual content, imagery, photo, illustration, or artwork is used for editorial purposes, the context should be accompanied with a proper attribution from the contributor and Shutterstock. Simply add the name of the contributor and the official website of Shutterstock. For Video Production and merchandise purposes, it should also constitute the proper attribution. You can write that the image or footage that you are using is under the license from Shutterstock. Credit attribution is not required if you will use these images for other purposes.


What If I Don't Add an Attribution?

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Adding credit may probably sound simple to everyone, but many users neglect this procedure. Remember that improper attribution can expose you to legal problems such as plagiarism and copyright infringement. Credit attribution to the author without proper approval will save you from plagiarism, but the author can still file copyright infringement. Different use of the photo can also come with various obligations. If you claim that you have the freedom to use the image due to Fair Use law, you need to understand that this is a complex part of the law. It is quite difficult that there are not adequate resources that will serve as your guidance. Fair use in online images exists, but it doesn't give you the right to infringe on the property of someone.


Proper attribution of credit should be done properly. Just because other people are not doing it, it doesn't mean that you also shouldn't do it. Giving the proper credit to the owner of the online image, illustration, photo, and artwork will help avoid lawful issues and ensure that you abide by the rules of Shutterstock.


All You Need to Know About Shutterstock Pricing

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Shutterstock, a company specializing in stock images, allows creative professionals to avail themselves of subscriptions that will allow them to download a limited amount of royalty-free images. As of late, the company is currently testing a new pricing scheme that is limited to a small number of customers only. The new plan is dedicated to encouraging customers who occasionally download files to enroll in their subscription plan. This is a great move to increase the retention of their customer. The new plan is available at a monthly volume of 10 images and costs $29.


Comparing the Pricing Model of Shutterstock to the Competitors

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Deposit Photos first introduced the small subscription offer. As of late, they are offering 30 images at the price of $29. However, their collection of images is not as massive as Shutterstock's. Another known rival of Shutterstock would be iStock. The company is also offering a small subscription of 10 images that cost around $39. On the other hand, Adobe stock costs $30 per month for ten images. This means that Shutterstock still has the best small subscription plan compared to its competitors.


Subscription and Image Pack


Apart from their small subscription, Shutterstock also encourages its members to pay a monthly fee to download a predetermined amount of photos. This type of deal is ideal for regular buyers of images, such as people who work in the creative industry. However, if you do not need many illustrations per month and you will never exhaust your limit, then it would be wise to stick with the small subscription plan. Images that you download do not have an expiration date. You are free to download them numerous times, and you will not be charged an additional fee.


Prices of Subscription

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The professional tier is available in two types. The members also can set their subscription plan on a monthly or annual basis. If you choose the monthly basis, 350 image limit costs around $199 per month ($0.56 for every image). On the other hand, seven hundred fifty illustrations will amount to $249 per month (or 0.33/image). For those who want to save money, we recommend an annual basis. 350 images have a price tag of only $169 per month, which means a 20% cut from the monthly cost. 750 images also have a 20% discount, costing $199 per month.


Shutterstock is also charging its members who want to avail themselves of the extended license. Individuals looking for other rights not included in their standard plan offer an enhanced license in three options; 25 images cost $1,699, 5 for $499, and 2 for $199. If you failed to use a particular image you downloaded within six months, you could no longer use it. Images that have been used will be owned by you till the end of time.


As you can see, the pricing system of Shutterstock is intended to cater to the needs of every type of customer. They are also designed to suit your budget appropriately.



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