5 Common Mistakes in Creating a Website for Business

SME owners should not limit the function of their websites. Website is not simply a tool to connect to the online realm. It is a crucial factor that we need to include in the company's marketing and branding strategy. To take advantage of its potential, you need to give your customer a personalized experience. To ensure that you will offer the audience with seamless experience, pay attention to these common mistakes when creating a website for business.

Common Mistakes When Creating a Website for Business 


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To help you in creating a website for business, we listed some of the common mistakes by the designers. Beginners and novice web developers and designers should read this to be aware of them. You should also try to use some of the website development tools for your business.


1. Poor Structure


It takes only 2 seconds to impress the visitor of your page. Two seconds are all they need to decide whether to stay or leave your page. With proper structuring, you can ensure that they will stay longer on your website. It will not be enough to have all the necessary elements added when creating a website for business. You will need to organize them strategically. Proper structuring requires you to gather comprehensive data. You need to study the customer's behavior and how you can influence them. If this doesn't work, heat maps can help you identify the proper placement of your elements.


2. Complex Navigation System

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When creating a website for business, you will notice that the best designs have similar elements on their navigation system. It is designed in a manner that allows you to go to different pages without intricacy. A customer visiting your site is probably searching for information. They do not have a second to spare. Some customers prefer to contact you. They will reach to you to ask about the product or company's data. To increase your lead generation, keep the navigation system self-explanatory and straightforward.


3. Best Business Website Doesn't Have Weak Call-To-Action Button


Perhaps you already noticed the button telling you to 'download,' 'sign-up,' or 'join the newsletter.' Those are CTA (Call-to-Action) Button; CTA buttons help companies to build lead lists. It helps them to advance the company's marketing strategy. When creating the CTA of the best business website, keep it accurate and straightforward. Once visitors click the button, they should have an idea about the outcome.


4. Mistakes on Code Formatting

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Code Formatting is a complex process. As much as possible, let the professionals handle it. If executed wrongly, elements in your site will look chaotic and scattered. Images and text will disappear. Imagine building a house, and the foundation was poorly done. That single mistake will affect the strength of the house structure


5. Not Including Social Media


Finally, never forget to embed your social media account in your best business website. The social realm is a vast community that you should use to increase brand awareness. Reserve a place on your page where visitors can follow your social media accounts.


These are the common mistakes that novice designers usually commit. By being aware of these mistakes, you can stay away from them. You can also create a user-friendly and high-converting best business website.


Benefits of Creating a Website for Business

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Most small business owners are clueless about how their business can advance with the help of a website.  Some of them are hesitant in investing for a website since they failed to account for the additional expenses of having and maintaining a web page.  When you are contemplating whether you should have a website or not, think about the gain-pain ratio.  If you believe you have much to gain with a possibility of a minimum amount of pain, then you should take the risk.  In case you are still not decided on creating a website for business, here are more reasons that will convince you


Gaining Credibility through the Best Business Website


Nowadays, consumers are now using the internet to find services or products that they need.  Bycreating a website for business filled with informative content, the consumers will instantly think that you are credible in offering the services or product.  It is not just about getting valuable traffic; it is about being an authority in the market.


It Saves You Money


Contrary to the misconception that creating a website for business can only incur additional expenses, it can actually save you money.  The initial cost of designing the website may vary, but once it is up and running, the estimated monthly fees can go from $20 to less than $100.  With the website reach, you will be able to save a lot in terms of marketing cost since digital marketing is generally cheaper than other advertisement types such as print, radio, and TV.  It also stays functional 24/7, and the possibility of increasing your company's visibility is immense.


It Keeps the Customer Informed

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Creating a website for business can serve as the company's online brochure.  It is cheaper and quicker to update the consumers about the latest about your company by using your website.  It is also the more effective way of informing your audience about the newest release of your product, sales and promo, and upcoming events.  Other types of advertisement (even print) can become outdated.  The website remains fresh and updated with the latest news and information about your company.




Your best business website will remain accessible for different types of consumers 24/7.   It provides the consumers with a convenient approach to reviewing your product when your physical establishment is closed.  It is an efficient way for the customers to reach a purchasing decision, especially for individuals who are too busy with their work and responsibilities.


Website Reach


The best business website can also become a virtual marketplace, which means that you provide the consumers with an alternative method of purchasing your product or hiring your services.  Some eCommerce stores started as a simple online stores, and now their product is reaching a global scale due to the broad website reach.  Almost all products are sold online; cars, houses, gadgets, furniture, artworks, etc.  No matter what product you offer to the consumers, there will always be someone interested in them.

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If getting valuable traffic that can turn into possible conversion will not entice you, perhaps the benefits mentioned above will finally help you decide whether you need to get the best business website or not.



Tips on Creating a Website for Business


The competition in the industry is quite stiff. The accessibility offered by the digital realm means that your rival company is simply one click away. If your prospects think your website is too complicated, they will probably choose your competitors. When creating a website for business, be sure that it is user-friendly and functional to attract the attention of the buyers. Even if you are offering the product at the lowest cost, you will not be able to profit if your site's navigation feature is too confusing. Your Business Website should also offer a convenient shopping experience. This will increase the conversion rate of your site.


Sign-up and CTA (Call-to-Action) Buttons


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You should never bore your customers with lengthy forms. When they sign-up on your business website, it should not take them six pages before they can successfully access your site. Your opt-in form does not necessarily need the customers' work, phone number, and physical address. A valid e-mail address would be enough. It would be best to ensure that your CTA button will stand out by offering lead magnets. For instance, you can offer them access to exclusive deals if they complete an action. You should also think about the color, font style, size, positioning, and wording of your CTA button when creating a website for business.


Pay Attention to Your Search Function

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Your Search Bar will help your customers find the product they are looking for. Your search function can make their experience frustrating or satisfying. The search result of your business website should include the image of the product and the essential information. No one wants to be directed to the next page to see the product and read the description.


The Breadcrumb Navigation


When customers place their orders, they should clearly understand the buying process. They must know the steps that they need to complete. Breadcrumb Navigation will ensure the customers that the procedure will not take an eternity to complete. In addition, the breadcrumb navigation allows the customer to return to the previous page and edit their mistake. This is more desirable compared to starting the shopping process from the start. Remember this when creating a website for business.


Your Shopping Cart

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Creating a website for business will not be complete without detailed security. Your customer should be confident when purchasing products at your site. It should come with features that will protect your customers' sensitive information and privacy. A Trust Certificate coming from Verisign and Hacker Safe will increase the authority of your site. You should also get an up-to-date SSL certificate to ensure your customers that your site has improved security.


Finally, creating a website for business must prioritize transparency. It should not contain any hidden charges. Additional charges should be displayed on the page, such as discounts, shipping charges, taxes, and the base price. Buyers hate to see unexplained costs, and they will abandon the shopping cart the moment they notice an unexplained fee. 

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