The 7 Alzheimer's Stages And How Yoga Can Help

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How Yoga Can Help People with Alzheimer’s Disease


Yoga can provide a whole new level of self-discovery and personal growth. Apart from that, a group of neuroscientists at UCLA has found out that constant practice of yoga for three months can minimize the emotional and cognitive problems associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The pilot study further revealed that yoga could manage cognitive impairment better. According to Helen Lavretsky, yoga has broader benefits than memory training since it supports our coping skills.


Yoga Therapy for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease


Yoga for Alzheimer

The study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease compares the result of yoga against memory training. Twenty-five participants over the age of 55 were divided into two groups; yoga which involves meditation, and the memory training group that comes with interactive computer programs and crossword puzzles. All of these participants have reported a problem in their memory, like misplacing items and forgetting appointments and dates. The brain activity and behavior of the participants were recorded before the study. Furthermore, they also underwent brain scans and memory tests before and after the program.


The Process of the Yoga Study


Eleven of the participants have received a memory training enhancement for at least 1hour per week. They are also exposed to memory exercises for 20 minutes each day. These exercises involve visual and verbal association and strategies for enhancing memory. The remaining participants are asked to go to a yoga class for 1 hour/week. They are also requested to perform a Kirtan Kriya for 20 minutes per day. Kirtan Kriya is a meditation technique practiced in India for ages to prevent the cognitive decline of the older population.


The Result

 Yoga for Alzheimer

The 12-week study shows a similar result on the group who participated in the memory training. However, those who belong to the yoga group had a noticeable improvement in visual-spatial memory. Aside from that, the yoga group also shows a significant decline in anxiety and depression. They also enhance their resilience against stress and advance their coping mechanism. When someone is experiencing memory loss, you will constantly feel anxious, eventually leading to depression.

 Yoga for Alzheimer

Yoga has long been related to the reduction of stress. It also helps maintain the ideal body weight; lower the possibility of contracting heart ailments, and enhance our balance. With the help of this study, it seems that we can already add the improvement of brain function to this list. Alzheimer’s patients normally have trouble remembering long-term memories, but the things that happened in a span of 5 minutes will prove to be more challenging. People who practice yoga are now more confident in discussing their memories, helping the practitioner achieve peace and calmness.


With the different benefits of yoga, we only hope that yoga will become more accessible to various people affected by memory problems. In addition, individuals providing care for the patient can also experience fatigue and frustration. With yoga, they can immediately replenish their energy and eliminate their stress.



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