The 2022 Trend on Social Advertising

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of changes in the landscape of social advertising. Various social media platforms are constantly launching new features. The algorithm and technology changes will also dictate the current trend. Marketers are aware of the power of social media and how it can advance their marketing tactics. Therefore, they must stay updated on the latest changes and the current trend in the market.


The Future of Social Advertising


Social Advertising

To understand the marketing strategy that will work in the future, this article will walk you through the different Social Advertising trends.


The Power of Video Contents


Videos are conquering social media and dominating the marketing realm. According to Cisco's recent report, 70% of consumer traffic came from video. While the numbers may sound outdated, the company also claimed that the video traffic would rise to more than 90% in the coming years. A marketing report also states that 86% of the marketers currently use video in their social advertising strategy, and the remaining are planning to use it. To meet this demand, Facebook has launched Life Stage, Live Video, and 360-video. Other platforms follow suit by releasing features that support video.


Chatbots Increase Your CRM

 Social media marketing

CRM, also known as Customer-Relation Management, is an essential element of a booming business. CRM can be integrated with your Social Advertising. Social media allows us to establish a relationship with our customers. Chatbots enable you to interact with your customers in real-time. Mobile apps for instant messaging have released their own Chatbots. Currently, at least 12,000 chat bots are introduced on the messaging platforms. Chatbots allow marketers to deliver 24/7 customer service.


Go Mobile


Mobile presence highly matters; social media and smartphones have created that ideal combination. Over the past few years, the number of individuals accessing the site and social media platforms using their smartphones has increased exponentially. Mobile traffic has long surpassed desktop traffic. Mobile-friendly apps allow you to check your social media accounts conveniently. It would be best to prioritize your mobile users in your social advertising strategy. Google has also made some changes that prioritize the AMP pages.


Personalized and Paid Content

 Social media management

Currently, most businesses are utilizing only paid content to widen the reach of their social advertising strategy. While it helps you improve the engagement and conversion rate, you should not instantly disregard the personalized content. Most people will choose not to pay attention to the general ads on social media. In addition, the latest changes in the algorithm allow the users to see advertisements that are only relevant to them. Therefore, you need to invest in personalized and paid content.



Boosting Your Presence with Social Advertising


You will spend many hours researching, examining, and developing a quality product. Like any business, you will have to spend more time promoting your product. For those looking for ways to promote their product online, one of the most effective platforms would be social media. At least 25% of our digital time will be spent browsing through social media pages, checking messages, and reading various posts, which makes it a powerful marketing platform. Based on the numbers released by Experian, at least 80% of the business owners and marketers are promoting their products through social advertising. Unfortunately, they are not utilizing it to its full potential.


Effective Ways to Promote Your Product through Social Media

 Social Advertising

If you are ready to take your social advertising to greater heights, make sure to follow the tips we provided below.


Visuals Matter


Statistics show that tweets that come with photos receive higher engagement. Facebook posts containing videos will also receive more likes, comments, and shares. Even LinkedIn posts with images have a higher engagement rate. Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest are heavily based on visuals. You need to take advantage of these visuals when marketing your product. Using visuals on your social advertising will help you create a visual voice. Adding images to your quotes in a unique way will give your company a unique voice.



 Social media management

When you post great content on your social media, you need to think about a title that will immediately grab the interest and attention of your audience. You need to use better titles that will make your product more marketable. When sharing this post on other social media platforms, make sure that you will use a new title. Avoid settling for a single tag, especially when posting the content multiple times. Tools such as BuzzSumo, Feedly, and Epic Beat can help you find the right title for your social advertising.


Customize Your Post


Most social media platforms have a posting feature that allows you to customize your post. This will enable you to personalize your content's description, image, and headline. All social media marketers will compete to the attention of the audience. Optimizing your post for the platform will make your Social Advertising more effective. You will be able to increase the engagement and CTR of your posts.


Choosing the Right Time

 Facebook Advertising

This advice might seem too obvious; however, most marketers often neglect this basic concept. To reach the highest audience, you need to be sure that you are posting your promotion at the right time. You have to know when your audiences are active online. After this, you can compile a schedule to guarantee that your post will be posted at a particular time. Remember that the peak time for the different social media platforms will differ. While you can use various tools that will teach you the best time to post your tweet, there are times that you only need to understand how your audiences engage with your posts to determine the appropriate time. Facebook also has a built-in feature to help you with your social advertising.


Regarding promoting your product, social advertising is one of the most effective tools today. Remember the tips provided above to increase the traffic and engagement on your post.

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