Air Freight vs Sea Freight Forwarder

You have several options to consider if you plan to ship your office furniture and equipment locally. However, if you are dealing with an international shipment, you may have two choices to choose from; sea freight and air freight forwarder. If you are pretty unsure of what you must choose, here are some prime factors that can affect your decision.


Things to Consider When Choosing Your Freight Forwarder

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Sending shipments abroad could be a complex process. However, it is still a must for a company that is planning to relocate. To guarantee that everything will be hassle-free, streamlined, and seamless, we've listed the top things that the company must consider when choosing their freight forwarder.


The Cost

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The shipment cost is always the prime consideration of companies planning to hire freight companies. You need to know the estimated expenses that you might incur since they can affect your business. You must know which of these two services will cost you more. Usually, sea freight forwarder are much more affordable than air freight. Nonetheless, the cost will still depend upon various factors.


How Freight Forwarder Charges their Clients


When sending your furniture and other supplies abroad, you need to understand how these freight companies charge their clients. Generally, air freight frowarder will charge you depending on the weight of the shipment or what we call a chargeable weight. It is based on the combination of the weight and the size of your shipment. Sea freight companies may charge you depending on the quantity of the container. The rates will depend upon the cost of the standard size of the container. If you are shipping things that are lesser than the container's load, the company will compute your charge according to the cubic meter. Therefore, expect to incur a higher fee if you have a more oversized shipment.



Destination Charge


Most freight companies will also charge you depending on your shipment's destination. Usually, sea freight forwarders have a cheaper cost than air freight service. Nonetheless, you should still consider the price that the warehouse and customs will impose since they can augment your expenses dramatically.



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In matters related to speed, air freight forwarders will be unmatched. Understand that in any type of business, time is all about money. If you choose ocean freight, it is typical for the shipment to reach more than a month. Understand that you can't afford to delay your company's production. If you are moving household items and not in a rush, sea freight could be an excellent choice. However, things are expected to be faster in the future as new technology is developed to streamline the process. New routes are being established to ensure that your shipment will arrive at the destination in as little as eight days. Nonetheless, expect that this will incur additional charges.



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Air freight forwarder also offers more benefits in terms of reliability. There are instances when the shipment will be delayed due to weather disturbances and other conditions, but these companies make it a point to stick to their schedule. Ocean freight companies will encounter many risks, and more factors can lead to delays in the process. They must follow a strict schedule when leaving ports. After determining the cost and understanding how the freight company charges, you should also pay attention to the time. If you need to send a time-sensitive shipment, ocean freight service may not be an excellent option. The unpredictable delays are more apparent in ocean freight.


The Cargo


One reason companies are using maritime shipping is that it allows you to send bulky packages hassle-free. The weight and size will have certain restrictions when using air freight. There are also limitations on sending products that are considered hazardous. For instance, you may not be allowed to send corrosive, toxic, and flammable products. Air freight forbids magnetic items, chemicals, and items detrimental to public health.



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Apart from the cost and time, the companies need to guarantee that the shipment will reach the destination safely. If not, then there are some logistical challenges that the freight companies will have to address. Both maritime and air freight forwarder will involve human intervention, especially securing and handling the shipment. It is a given that man-handling will often include the possibility of acquiring damage. Sea transporters must follow a strict rule when packaging the cargo, while on air freight, the airport authorities have specific regulations when handling packages.



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The accessibility of the shipment is another factor to consider when choosing between air and sea freight companies. Understand that the world is better connected by air than the sea due to the number of airports available worldwide. Air transporters also have a better and well-defined procedure, which helps in reducing downtime. Seaports are known for dealing with heavy traffic, which will prompt you to incur extra charges.


Generally, the choice between the ocean and sea freight forwarder will depend upon your needs and preference. It will be challenging to determine the better option since they both excel in their own rights. Consider your conditions and the factors mentioned here to understand which is more suitable for you.


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