Accommodation and Hotels in Cuba Havana

The apartment and villa rentals industry in the Caribbean region is continuously growing. Accommodations and
Hotels in Cuba Havana are comfortable; they also have a touch of class and offer a friendly environment. Here are some private apartment rentals that you might want to check.


Best  Accommodations and Hotels in Cuba Havana


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If you plan to travel to Cuba soon, we listed some of the best Havana Cuba accommodation. Choosing the best place to stay will ensure that your vacation will be relaxing and stress-free.


Casa Concordia

 Hotels in Cuba Havana

This Havana Cuba accommodation combines a native Spanish interior with a joyful and artistic touch. Spanish culture is evident on the floors and walls of Casa Concordia. This three-bedroom apartment rental was once a part of the Hotel Nacional. The creative use of the beer bottles as a lamp complements the birdcages used as an ornament in the corridor. Restaurants and other prime commodities can be found nearby.




Casablanca is one of the accommodations and Hotels in Cuba Havana with pools. It is one of the pads erected for the generals of Batista. Fulgencio Bautista was ousted by the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. The living room is very spacious and accessorized with the masterpiece of Cuban artists. The kitchen is equipped with complete sets of kitchen utensils and equipment that lead to a patio with a fountain under the mango tree. Casablanca is one ride away from Old Havana, a UNESCO world heritage site.



Casa Almendares

 Hotels in Cuba Havana

Casa Almendares is another Havana Cuba accommodation with pool facilities. It is a 1950 mansion with huge rooms. The basement bar has a pool table. There's a swimming pool in the mansion facing a majestic view. Almendares can be found in the district of Miramar and is a perfect place for a group of people. The villa has six bedrooms, a library, a cigar humidor, a kitchen to accommodate the visitors, and a curved bar.


Suite Havana


Havana Cuba Accommodation on the historical road of Old Havana, Suite Havana is a restored building from the colonial era. It has five balconies and two bedrooms. The balcony is overlooking the Lamparilla Cafe and Conde de Villanueva. The style of the apartment is a mixture of Spanish and Cuban cultures. Guests will also be welcomed with a gift waiting on the first floor of the apartment.


Residencia Mariby

 Hotels in Cuba Havana

Residencia Mariby is a 1903 vanilla mansion found in the Vedado district. The rooms of this Havana Cuba accommodation are adorned with lamps from the colonial era. Some of the rooms are small, but one of them comes with a bathroom equipped with a glossy shower room and a mini dresser.


Bohemia Hostal


Bohemian Hostal is one of the excellent accommodations and Hotels in Cuba Havana. The floors are tiled, and the apartment has complete equipment. It is a one-bedroom rental property with a slight touch of modern and contemporary design. In the case of a third guest, a bed is available in the house's living room. This apartment is close to some of the most popular restaurants, a beer factory, and Cafe Bohemia.

For a comfortable and rejuvenating vacation in the Caribbean, check out the accommodations and Hotels in Cuba Havana we mentioned above.

Most Common Mistakes when booking Hotels in Cuba Havana

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Booking Hotels in Cuba Havana appears to be simple and easy. It contains a simple process, including picking a destination, dates, payment process, and information, and you are all set for your travel plans. Yet, there are a few typical mistakes that you can make when booking a hotel. From setting up for the wrong destinations to neglecting to check some crucial data, these slip-ups could undoubtedly represent an essential factor for your travel plans. Here are some of the mistakes that travelers usually make when booking a hotel.



Expecting the most elegant room


When booking Hotels in Cuba Havana, there are many things that you need to remember to get the best room. According to an insider, travelers who usually book their hotel reservations through an online travel agency will get the "run of the mill room." If you want to get the best room, booking a hotel directly through the hotel's official website or being a member of the hotel royalty is the perfect approach. This method is standard among hotel owners; they prioritize their members and those who directly negotiate with them.


Anticipating that Every Demand Will Be Met

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Suppose you are booking Hotels in Cuba Havana. In that case, most online reservations allow you to make specific demands and include remarks concerning your experience in staying in the hotel. When reading the large prints on the pamphlets of the hotel, you will understand the huge selection of amenities they provide to their clients. However, if you analyze the extra-small print on the lower part of the pamphlet, there is a disclaimer that the administration will not grant all your demands and request. To fix this, it is best to call the hotel to ensure that your entire request will be granted.


Not Utilizing a Credit Card


When you are in the process of booking Hotels in Cuba Havana, credit cards should be the principal use. They offer certain rewards such as miles, money-back bonuses, and free accommodation. They likewise provide certain sureties that platinum cards and money don't, for example, extortion insurance or prompt discounts for false charges. Another thing that most voyagers are not aware of is that most lodgings will need a deposit if you utilize a platinum card to ensure them against overdraft charges if your record has terrible credits.


Booking at the wrong hotel

 havana hotels

A deceptive inn name or area depiction could prompt you to make a reservation on an air terminal lodging when you believe you're getting accommodation at a strategically placed hotel. You may be amazed how regularly the travelers just read the hotel name and immediately book a reservation, not verifying whether it's situated in the correct spot. A few lodgings might refer to their locations as "situated close to the heart of the city." Yet, quick research about booking Hotels in Cuba Havana could uncover that it is situated at the airplane terminal, usually 2 hours away from the city center.



When booking Hotels in Cuba Havana, ensure that you are not only aware of the simple process involving it. It would help if you also researched travelers' common mistakes when booking accommodations to avoid the hassles.


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