Brand Content Marketing for Indie Artists

Indie artists who have spent a significant amount of time researching ways to promote their music may have stumbled upon the term content marketing.  It is the marketing technique commonly used by online businesses to share informative and interesting information with their audience.  The content may be a video, music, written word, spoken word, or image.  They may deliver it through different online platforms such as e-mail, websites, forums, social media sites, hosting sites, etc.  As you probably know, prominent figures like Kanye West and Taylor Swift also use brand content marketing for indie artists strategies.


Brand Content Marketing for Indie Artists

How Important is Brand Content Marketing for Indie Artists?

The traditional advertising method for artists requires you to allocate a considerable chunk of money to expose your product to a bigger audience.  It can only be accomplished with the help of the label recordings and promoters since they have the money.  Fortunately, brand content marketing for indie artists gives small businesses and artists a more effective and cost-efficient way to promote their products.

How Does Brand Content Marketing for Indie Artists Work?

When you analyze a business’s social media page, they try to maintain an active page by sharing informative and interesting posts.  They will advertise their product in a relevant and indirect manner.  For instance, if a company releases a new product, they will give hints about it on their social media posts months before it is released.  They will also feature snippets, behind-the-scene videos, and updates about their new product from time to time.  Brand content marketing for indie artists creates a sense of anticipation and excitement on the part of the audience.  By involving your audience in making your music, they will gradually develop an emotional connection with your music, increasing the possibility that they will buy your music.

Start Early

 Content Marketing for Artists

The secret behind successful brand content marketing for indie artists is to start early.  Business marketers maintain a high presence in their social media account when they have something to promote.  They continue to engage with their audience by sharing social media posts every day.   Suppose you are an independent artist who wants to take advantage of content marketing. In that case, you need to increase your online presence now by regularly sharing content on your social media account, blog, website, and other online properties.

Subtle Promotion

 Brand Content Marketing for Indipendent Artists

When implementing brand content marketing for indie artists, you need to ensure that it is relevant and serves a purpose.  You probably want your audience to purchase your music on iTunes, a ticket for your music event, order merchandise, or opt-in on your newsletter; the key behind this is to create a subtle promotion at the end of the content.  If you are sharing informative content, do not forget to include a subtle CTA (Call-To-Action).  For instance, if you share a video with your audience, add a link to subscribe to your newsletter.


Brand content marketing for indie artists is an integral and essential part of your entire marketing plan.  You probably know by now that many indie artists have found their success by sharing their videos online.  Most of them have spent significant time building their marketing plan before promoting their music.

Tips for Effective Networking in the Music Industry

It is not uncommon to hear someone saying that your effective networking can play a huge role in your success in the music industry. Unfortunately, the process of finding an influential associate in the industry will be an enormous task. Most of the people who have a direct connection with the huge recording label are commonly out of your reach, and the independent record producers can be difficult to identify. If you are an indie artist and want to penetrate the music industry, here are some networking tips that will help you realize and achieve your goal.

How to Network:  4 Tips to Create a Connection in the Music Industry


Brand Content Marketing for Indie Artists

If you are just beginning in this industry and want to know how to start with networking for musicians, we have the means to help you establish a connection with the influential people in the industry.


Tip #1:  The Social Media


One of the most accessible ways to get into the music industry is social media. The magic of technology has allowed us to reach people easily through the internet. The first thing you have to do is identify the key people working in the music industry. Never randomly pick the people just because they are working in the industry; try to choose someone working in the field you are deeply interested in. For instance, if you are a jazz songwriter, try to find someone who blogs about jazz singers, supervisors, and publishers. After that, you need to find their social media account or blog and constantly engage with them. Effective networking will not compel you to promote your music with them. Make sure that you contribute to the conversation in a meaningful and informative way.


Tip #2:  Meet Them in Person

 Brand Content Marketing for Indie Artists

Social media indeed plays a huge role in fostering that connection, but if you want to know how to network, you have to meet them in person. If it is possible, try to talk to them face to face. Tell them that you are an avid follower of their blog or YouTube channel. You can find them at music festivals, concerts, workshops, and conferences.


Tip #3:  Everything Opens a Possible Opportunity


An opportunity can present itself to you at any time and any place. Make sure that you have a business card when you are playing at a conference with other bands or during a music event. It will even be better to carry a download card or a demo CD with you.


Tip #4:  Follow Up

 Brand Content Marketing for Indie Artists

Networking for musicians will oblige you to try to get the contact information of the influential people and follow up. There are times that they will just forget to follow through, so you need to have the initiative to do it yourself.


Aside from effective networking, there are still so many strategies that you can use to penetrate the music industry. Be sure to stay in touch for other tips to help you achieve your goal and turn your music into a profitable business.

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