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Friday, December 3, 2021

Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

The corporate world should reiterate the importance of keeping their employees happy.  Based on the recent reports, a happy and engaged employee translates to a higher customer satisfaction rate.  It is not just a form of assumption.  It is supported by the study conducted at the Washington State University that linked customer satisfaction to employee engagement which ultimately leads to the company's financial success.  According to the Gallup State of the American Workplace, companies emphasizing the engagement of their employees have a 10% higher customer satisfaction rate.


Employee Engagement:  The Driving Force of Customer Satisfaction


Employee Engagement a

The Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology clearly states that an organization's commitment has a more substantial effect on employee performance.  The book studies the organizational dedication of around 755 bank employees during the year 2005 to 2008 and other factors such as customer satisfaction and financial success.  It simply shows that job attitude and performance are in correlation.  Furthermore, it also shows the co-existence of employee engagement and customer satisfaction


Customer Feedbacks Affects Employees Engagement


Excellent customer feedback can immensely motivate the employee to perform his work.  It can also strengthen their purpose and value towards their work.  A satisfied and fulfilled customer can serve as a pattern for deciding the future.  It implies that supervisors and managers must recognize and highlight customer satisfaction to drive employee engagement.


Relationship Between Employee Engagament and Customer Satisfaction

 Employee Engagement a

The symbiotic relationship between customer satisfaction and employee engagement can easily be understood by those directly connected with the customers, such as the salesmen and the customer support representative.  People working behind the operation and beyond the function should also be dedicated and engaged in satisfying the customers' needs. Based on the research of Towers Watson, managers are the critical factors in the engagement and culture within the company.  For that reason, it is only fitting for them to be empowered and engaged in radiating positivity among the employees.  This work culture tends to create a ripple effect inside the business.  If the managers are highly involved in the business, those employees reporting to him are more probably empowered, resulting in a better customer satisfaction rate.


Challenges on Employee Engagement

 Employee Engagement a

Sadly, based on Bain and Company, those directly interacting with the customers tend to receive lower engagement.  It is one of the reasons why different companies need different approaches on this matter.  Managers should identify the factors that serve as a hindrance to the proper flow of engagement.


To successfully address this issue, you will need to monitor the customer and the employee engagement rate regularly.  It would be best if you also reached a more profound level of analytics to fully understand how these two factors create an impact and the things you can do to enhance it.

Balanced Work and Personal Life


The leading companies worldwide have made it a point to introduce different programs within intended to provide a balanced personal and work life to their employees.  It highlights the insurmountable benefits that a balanced life presents to the company.  Furthermore, personal and work life has a symbiotic connection.  Individuals who have a great family relationship also perform effectively at work and vice versa.  It serves as their motivation to perform better.  Here are more of the benefits you can have when you achieve a balanced work and personal life.


Top Benefits of Balanced Work and Personal Life


Balanced Work and Personal Life

Study shows that a worker with a healthy personal life has better productivity than those with an imbalanced life. They are more engaged when interacting with the customers and are more satisfied. It is also likely for them to stick to the company that values their personal life. The benefits of balanced work and personal life is immense and should be taken advantage of every company.


Considerably Reduced the Amount of Stress


With the condition of today's economy and the high demands towards the workers, the employees today are experiencing a heightened level of stress which affects their productivity and ultimately lowers the company's efficiency.  Some of the primary reasons for low performance are stress and family commitments.  By achieving a balanced work and personal life, the amount of absentee, sick leave, and tardiness can be significantly reduced.


Enhance the Percent Engagement and the Company's Morale

 Balanced Personal Life

Suppose you have a balanced work and personal life. In that case, your level of concentration on both aspects will be massively increased and thus promoting satisfaction in their career and motivating them.  The enhanced morale of the staff can also improve the team's performance and make them highly committed to their task. They will not be easily frustrated, and it is more likely to achieve the desired result.


Increase the Satisfaction of the Customer


A highly satisfied customer can result from an employee who is efficiently performing due to the well-balanced personal and work life.  It can improve the loyalty of the consumers, which is beneficial for the company.  Employees are highly committed to going the extra mile to fulfill the customers' demands when they have nothing to worry about in their personal life.  Employees are one of the factors that affect the happiness of the consumers, and the company should also see to it that they are happy.


Improves the Employee Retention

 Balanced Work Life

The recruitment process is one of the costliest expenses of the company.   They have to disseminate the information, post advertisement, tap on the resources of the hiring firm, and that is just the beginning.  You still must spend money on health checks, training, seminars, work benefits, and others.  It is why most companies highly prefer to retain people than to hire new talents.  By promoting a program that promotes balanced work and personal life, they will be more willing to stay and work for the company that values them not only as a worker but also as a person.


By achieving a balanced work and personal life, you will improve your relationship with the family and be deeply committed and concentrated on your work.

Essential Tips for Job Interview

Everyone is required to be prepared during job interviews.  Even the highly qualified and the most competent job seekers need to practice their answers to the common questions.  Those who typically get the job are also aware that there is more to it than simply answering the questions correctly.  Even nonverbal actions can make or break your application.  You only get one shot in landing that great first impression. So before you even appear on your first job interview, make sure to follow some of the essential tips for job interview.


Helpful Tips for Job Interview that will Help You Land a Job


Taking Notes

Not all applicants will be invited for a job interview; it signifies that the company is somewhat interested in what you can offer. You have to take this opportunity and impress them to secure your dream job. Here are some of the tips for job interview that you should keep in mind.


Practice the Non-Verbal Skills


As we mentioned above, the interview is more than just answering the questions truthfully.  Sometimes, the interviewer looks at the tiny details of your actions and movements.  Nonverbal skills can help create a good impression; they can make you look confident, courteous, and professional.  One of the very first tips for job interview would be to give a firm handshake to the interviewer.  You should also keep a proper posture and maintain eye contact during the interview.  Practice these skills so they will come out naturally during your interview.


Proper Attire and Grooming

 Essential Tips for Job Interview

You must know the appropriate dress code and grooming when applying for a job.  You may believe that you can wear anything you like when you read the word casual attire.  You should highly analyze the nature and culture of the company to find out their term about the "casual dress." One of the essential tips for job interviews is calling the company and verifying its dress code.




It is not just an interview; it is also an opportunity to learn something about the company.  During the interview, the interviewer will give information (sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly).  You need excellent listening skills to have a firm grasp of the critical facts.  One of the tips for job interview is to observe the interviewer's action, tone, and pace and match it.


Refrain From Talking Excessively

 Job Interview

Though it is an interview, it is recommended to refrain from talking excessively.  It would be best not to tell them more than what they need to know.  Therefore, you will need to prepare the answers to some common questions, like tell us something about yourself, where you see yourself ten years from now, why you want to work in this industry, etc. One of the essential tips for job interview is to include information that is only relatable to the job requirement.


Finally, the best tips for job interview would be to stay calm, poised, and professional.  Do not sound cocky.  It is excellent to show your confidence but do not be overconfident.  Attitude is one of the determining factors on whether you will land on the job or not.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Best Fertilizers for Grass this 2022

If you want to have an abundant green turf that evenly grows and reliably covers your entire lawn, you need to be prepared for some challenging tasks.  Ensuring that the grasses are healthy in your yard will never be an easy job, but fertilizer will help make this less overwhelming.  The initial part of your task will require you to research and find the suitable fertilizer for your lawn.  To make it even simpler, we have listed some of the best fertilizers for grass.


4 Best Fertilizers for Grass this 2022



Before we list the best fertilizers for grass, you need to be aware that there are different fertilizers; single nutrient, multi-nutrient, and organic fertilizers.  Single-nutrient has a rich content of nitrogen which is a good source of minerals.  However, they can also damage the ecosystem once they run off to a body of water.  Multi-nutrients are designed to provide a variety of minerals; they can have copper, calcium, and iron.  Finally, Organic fertilizers are made from animal manures (such as chicken).  They commonly contain a lower amount of nutrients compared to synthetic ones.


Turf Builder:  Scotts


If you are in a place with extreme heat, you may find the Turf Builder the best fertilizer for grass.  It aids the grass in the proper absorption of water and minerals.  It empowers your lawn against massive heat and drought, making it ideal for places living in arid areas.  This fertilizer is formulated to suit any type of grass.  It also protects your grass from insect infestation.  It weighs around 40 pounds, covering at least 15,000sq.ft.


Organic Lawn Food:  Espoma


Based on its name, Organic Lawn Food by Espoma is an organic type of fertilizer.  This natural fertilizer makes it very safe to use if you have pets or kids since it doesn’t threaten their safety.  It is made from poultry manure, feather, meal, and other organic materials, making it eco-friendly.  If you are looking for a safe environment-friendly fertilizer, this is your best fertilizer for grass.


Fall Lawn Food:  GreenView


Using this fertilizer before the winter season will ensure you with a lush of green by next year.  It has the elements that can promote the growth of the grassroots, allowing them to spread faster in your lawn.  It has nitrogen immediately released to reduce the possibility of toxicity and contamination.


Crabgrass Preventer:  Jonathan Green


This fertilizer will ensure that your lawn is filled with vibrant green and will also eliminate the presence of crabgrass.  It has a slow-release technology that will guarantee that your lawn is adequately nourished.  If you are looking for a fertilizer that will not put a stain in your sideways, then this is your best fertilizer for grass.


Choosing the best fertilizer for grass highly depends upon your preference and some science.  If you like synthetic, they will make your job easier, but there are some risks related to it.  If you choose organic, it may take a few tries before seeing a visible result.

Choosing the Best Flower Fertilizer

Once you reach the fertilizer aisle of a home improvement shop, the first thing you will probably notice is the distinctive smell.  However, apart from that, you might also realize that fertilizers are created differently.  They have different arrays of formulas that make them unique.  With this huge selection and option, choosing the best flower fertilizer may be a bit perplexing.  To help you decide, we have listed a short but comprehensive guide in picking the best fertilizer.


Different Types of Best Flower Fertilizer: Complete Fertilizer


Flower Fertilizer

A complete fertilizer is a vital source of three major nutrients that a flower needs to propagate. They contain Nitrogen, which encourages the foliage to bloom vigorously, Potassium that promotes the formation of the flowers, and Phosphorous, which boosts their roots' health.  The label on a complete fertilizer will show the nutrients based on the amount contained inside the fertilizer.  Most of the best flower fertilizer has a higher source of phosphorous.  You need to make sure to nourish their roots first to enhance their nutrient absorption.


Chemical Fertilizer

 Best Flower Fertilizer

Chemical Fertilizer is the most common type of fertilizer, and they are also cheaper.  Nonetheless, you need to be aware of where they originate from.  Most manufacturers create this best flower fertilizer by mixing non-organic chemicals such as magnesium sulfate and ammonium nitrate.  One of the most significant advantages of synthetic fertilizers is that they can be absorbed faster by the flowers.  Unfortunately, it can burn your lawn if you do not correctly apply them.


Foliar Fertilizer


This type of fertilizer is in liquid form and absorbed through the flower's leaves.   When you choose this type of best flower fertilizer, you need to ensure that the hair and the waxes on the leaves of the flowers will not hamper the absorption of nutrients.  If your flowers have a potassium deficiency, foliar fertilizer would be the best solution.  Other conditions that foliar can help with are iron deficiency and chlorosis.


Organic Fertilizer

 Choosing the flower fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are created using organic materials such as leaf mold, fish emulsion, poultry manure, greens, and rock sulfate.  They do not only provide essential nutrients to the flowers, but they also prepare the soil.  They do not burn your soil; they improve the flower's immune system and are eco-friendly.  Unfortunately, they are expensive, and their formulation is pretty limited.


Simple Fertilizer


If your soil test revealed that your soil is low in a particular nutrient, you might choose the simple fertilizer, also known as single nutrient fertilizer.  This type of best flower fertilizer may be artificial or organic.  They commonly list only a single ingredient, such as superphosphate, for phosphorous fertilizer.




Basically, all fertilizer has a slow-release element since it will take some time to decompose and be absorbed by the flowers.  However, the slowest release comes with an insoluble compound.  Those who want to fertilize their soil using minimum management will choose a slow-release fertilizer as their solution.


These are the several best flower fertilizers that you need to consider when looking for the fertilizer you need.  Make sure that the one you choose is suitable for your situation and the soil test.

How to Protect your System from Threats

It has been more than 30 years since the first computer virus appeared.  Since then, these online threats have significantly evolved to bypass today's security system.  The hazards now include injecting malicious code using worms, spyware, spam, phishing scam, rootkits, exploit, and Trojans.  The classic form of the virus is designed to destroy the system, but most of today's viruses are more dangerous.  They are intended to collect information about a particular person by invading the system for the sole purpose of generating money in an illegal method.  These malicious codes can be included in emails, downloadable programs, and fake software installed on your computer.  There are at least one billion malicious programs online, and around 560,000 are added every day based on the record. Read on to find out how to protect your system from threats.


The Anti Virus and Anti-Malware Solution


How to Protect your System from Threats

Your first defense against these cyber threats would be software that detects, protects, and removes these unwanted programs.  It is a preventative measure that significantly reduces the possibility of malware or virus attacks.  However, you need to be aware that the virus can penetrate your system even in the presence of antivirus or anti-malware software.  The protection can even be strengthened by using solid firewall protection and setting a regular update of your software. Remember our points below to know how to protect your system from threats.


Anti-Virus Software


AV programs protect your system from threats. They are your all-in-one defense solution when it comes to the virus.  It is automatically activated the moment that you open your system.  It functions by monitoring the possible threat that can pass through your network connection.  The software will immediately block the network from connecting to your system by correctly detecting the danger. Antivirus software commonly comes with a firewall and spam filtering function that prevents the suspicious program and webpage from loading or running.  On the off chance that your system has already been penetrated before the detection of the AV, your option is to perform a manual scan in your system.  Nonetheless, before you execute a manual scan, make sure that the database of your AV is updated (digit of the database corresponds typically to the current date if updated) to guarantee that it will accurately detect the more recent types of viruses.


Anti-Malware Software


When it comes to anti-malware programs, some AV software (ESET Smart Security, Iobit, McAfee, Kaspersky Lab) comes with an anti-malware function.  If it is not, your anti-malware software will not serve as a replacement for your AV software.  It will only provide additional support and protect your system from threats.  Some of the dangers that anti-malware can detect are rogue applications, spyware, dialers, rootkits, Trojans, worms, and virus droppers.


Finally, you should see that you will routinely update your Antivirus and anti-malware solution to correctly identify the ever-changing hazards in the online community and protect your system from threats. Remember that even though there has been continuous development in antivirus software, the threats are also constantly evolving.


How to Protect your System from Threats of Snoopers

 Cyber security

Public Networks and Wi-Fi are commonly open; sometimes, they only require a particular code, room number, or a simple click to connect to the online world.  These types of networks that lack encryption are typically vulnerable to snoopers.  For instance, Hotel Wi-Fi is not necessarily private; the process of connecting is "limited" to the guest of the hotel but will not keep your online activity confidential.  Since you are accessing the network without encryption, the data sent to them will be in plain text.  Anyone connected to the network can snoop on your online activity except the encrypted webpage (HTTPS).



Being Aware That You Are Vulnerable


When you connect to the public network and the system prompts you for a password, you are protected from snooping to a certain level.  It only means that the data is encrypted.  Before connecting to a public network, analyze the hotspot's security; if it is protected (i.e., WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK), you will be fine; if not, you are vulnerable.  Windows 8.1 and later operating system has a better way of telling if you connect to an unsecured connection.  You will see a yellow exclamation point in the connection and a notification that other users may see your online activity.


Protection against Snooping

 How to Protect your System from Threats

Snooping is one of the known threats when connecting to a public hotspot.  Aside from the encrypted website, the internet activity becomes visible to users who connect on the public network. Anyone adept in monitoring the data can easily snoop into your information.  In case you want to protect yourself from this snooping.  Here are some tips that we can give you.


·         Use a VPN when connecting to a public hotspot.  Virtual Private network functions like an encrypted tunnel wherein all your activity will be dumped into the tunnel when connected.


·         Avoiding file sharing is also recommended.  Refrain from visiting sites such as Morpheus that offers free downloads.



·         Disconnect when you are not using the public network.  It can minimize snooping attacks when you are not using Public Wi-Fi.


·         If you are using your smartphone, you can use your phone's hotspot feature to connect to an encrypted network.  The data sent to your smartphone is less vulnerable to snoopers.



·         Finally, it is also advised to alter your password frequently.  The purpose of the snooping is to get your password.  If someone managed to get your sign-in information on a social networking site, they could perform illegal methods.


Following these steps will allow you to connect to the public Wi-Fi without risk and worry and protect your system from threats of snoopers.

How to Become a Productive Entrepreneur

Running a business is not for the weak heart; you will need to establish your path, accumulate enough resources, and be brave enough to plunge on the risk.  You will need to exert your 200% effort and hope that your business will not turn into the 90% of the failed company.  To succeed in entrepreneurship, the person in control –which is you, needs to defy all the odds.  Here are some proven tips that will raise your chances of succeeding in this industry by teaching you how to become a productive entrepreneur.


Tips on How to Become a Productive Entrepreneur



Once you open your business, you will realize that you will be pulled in numerous directions. There are just too many things that you need to address, such as customer relationship management, offline and online marketing, customer experience, employee training, benefits, etc. It may not be surprising for some to fail since they tend to forget the real purpose of their business. Here's how to become a productive entrepreneur.


Be Consistent In Your Schedule


You have to make your regimented timetable.  Being organized, especially on your schedule, will allow you to maximize the amount of work you will complete.  You will also be aware of what needs to be prioritized and work on the smaller tasks later on.   When you create a schedule, you need to stick with it.  If it says that you need to be productive for a specific amount of hours, you need to be committed to it.


Analyze Your Actions

 How to Become a Productive Entrepreneur

When you go to bed at night, and you are all done with your work, you should think about the possible future of your business if you remain consistent with your work every day.  It lets you analyze whether your prevailing actions contribute to your business goal.  It also instructs you to focus on your plans for your business.



Relieve Your Stress Every Weekend


Most businesses are designed to function every weekday. Once the weekend comes, it is time for the entrepreneurs to call for a timeout.  Some entrepreneurs choose to spend this time analyzing the business's finance, but we do not recommend you to do this. Instead, it would be best to relieve the stress you accumulated during the weekdays.  You can go on a short trip, hike, or meditate to prepare you for the coming week.  Aside from that, it allows you to adopt a more active lifestyle.


Focus on the Solution

 How to Become a Productive Entrepreneur

Yes, focus on the solution and not on the problem.  You will typically encounter different problems as your business progress, but you shouldn't dwell on that.  Remember, the core purpose of your business is to offer a solution to the issue of others and not to create problems.  By focusing on the solution, you will become more productive and happier.


Possessing great disposition and habit contributes a lot to your business's success.  According to the study, at least 40% of our attitude towards work is dictated by our patterns.  That is why entrepreneurs must have the proper habit and disposition if they want to be more productive. Follow our tips on how to become a productive entrepreneur, and you will be on your way to success.