Ready to Create Your Small Business Logo?


Every creative professional will have their own opinions on what a perfect logo will appear like. New trends will appear almost every month but will quickly fade into oblivion. You should avoid these pitfalls since it would be difficult to escape from them. I am not actually suggesting that you have to avoid fads completely; animated logos and 3D effects were very effective at some point. However, it would be difficult for small businesses to translate them into printed materials. Usually, your audience will find this too complex and difficult to read. This will only lead you astray from designing your small business logo.


Developing an Exciting Small Business Logo



When you break down the needs of your small business branding, you will understand some of the essential elements that your logo must possess. However, how can you guarantee that all these components will be added to your logo design? Here, we aim to help you develop a logo that reflects your brand's personality, message, vision, and values. Be sure to check out our other articles related to these.


A Good Company Logo Embodies Your Brand

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An exciting small business logo should reflect your company's branding and story. This is highly important than choosing the lines, fonts, simplicity, and balance of the logo. Even those aesthetically pleasing trademarks will not cut the mark if they fail to deliver the true essence of the business. Logos play a crucial role in the company's marketing and branding campaign. It is basically the face of the company; it represents the value, benefits, emotions, offerings, and thoughts of the company. Your logo is a significant part of your business identity. You want to ensure that it will convey your story effortlessly and effectively. This will ensure that you are creating a compelling logo.


This is the first challenge you will have to overcome when designing your small business logo. Understand that you may not have developed a brand as a startup business yet. Nonetheless, you should not be disheartened since all hope is not lost. If you have an existing logo that does not remind your consumers of who you are, then it is time to take it back to the drawing board. Once you find yourself in this situation, you will soon ask if you understand your company's branding. Before you can even communicate things related to your brand, you need to confirm that you know your brand. What are your practices, vision, values, and anything that makes your company unique?


What to Do:

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Some creative people will choose their logo for their small business based on aesthetics alone. Nonetheless, you should still remember the true purpose of your logo. It is intended to deliver your brand identity. It is never good to choose a random design. While you want something visually pleasing, you should also pay attention to the form, the thickness of the line, color, typeface, etc.; when you are developing a small business logo, you should start by having an accurate definition of your branding. Once done, you must communicate all critical aspects of your branding to your design team. When you are analyzing the prototype design, ask yourself if the visual aesthetics represent the identity and story of your brand.


It Must Be Recognizable



As aforementioned, your small business logo will serve as the face of your company. Your target audience must instantly recognize it. We mentioned before that you only have 2 seconds to capture the audience's interest. Upon seeing the logo, you want them to think of your business immediately. To attain this objective, there are a couple of considerations that you must make.


Try to Be Unique

Small Business Logo


If you want your small business logo to be unique, you will have to avoid stock logo vectors and trends. Otherwise, it won't be easy to create something that will stand out from the rest of the logo. The job of the logo is to encourage the consumers to relate this to your business. This fosters a loyal, trusting, and long-term relationship with your audience. If you develop a logo that is quite similar to your competitors, this will cause confusion. Actually, confusion is the least of your concerns. Some people may feel tricked or scammed after associating the behavior of your competitors with your brand.


Easy to Recognize

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People should be able to recognize your company logo, even from afar, easily. Logos with solid and bold lines are more accessible for the audience to identify. If you look at some of the most successful symbols, you will notice how they have powerful and easily identifiable trademarks. If you want to make sure that your logo will appear unique, you need to know what branding already exists in the market. Your brand has a unique identity; use this to navigate the design process. You should also look at your competition in the market. Stay away from forms and types that will only encourage confusion. Also, communicate frequently with your designers. Make sure that you are looking on the same page.


It Must Be Versatile

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It must be versatile to ensure that the logo will function the way you want it to be. Remember that your small business logo will appear on different marketing materials and platforms. The sizes can also vary, from something as small as a website's favicon to a billboard. Color tones can also change when you print them on your business cards. Be sure that your logo can be scaled on various sizes and will not cause any issues. Therefore, you need to avoid unnecessary complexities in your design. Any complex forms, intricate typeface, and detailed textures will only be lost in the design. When it comes to logo design, simplicity is always your best friend.


A design that heavily relies on color could also be affected. The gradient will fade when you render the logo at a smaller scale. The most crucial detail found in your logo will be lost if you focus entirely on the unnecessary complex elements. Remind yourself that your small business logo must function equally regardless of the size and whether it is in a monochromatic shade.


It Needs to Be Timeless

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Always ensure that your small business logo will be timeless. It is a branding asset of your company; therefore, it must remain consistent. You should not design a logo that you will rebrand two years later. At the very least, it must be the face of your company for at least ten years. You want to encourage your target audience to be loyal and trust your business. Unfortunately, this will not happen overnight. This will take long years of brand consistency and providing top-notch service that fosters loyalty and trust. There are different reasons why consistency is crucial in company branding, which we will discuss later. Therefore, always aim to build a log that you can use for a lifetime.


The small business logo is often the first way to introduce a prospect to your company. Once you have already established a level of connection, loyalty, and trust in your target audience, it will be difficult for your business to go on a rebranding process. A completely new logo will confuse your audience and can be detrimental to your company. Moreover, a change in your brand will have to happen gradually. If you notice the original logo of Coca-Cola, it will be completely different from the logo known today. However, you will see that the change is not abrupt, but small changes happen over time.


How to Do This

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If you plan to keep your small business logo for a long time to provide consistent brand identity, it should go through a thorough plan, consultation, and design stage. Stay away from trends that come and go. Your aim is not to appear trendy or contemporary; it is to deliver the message of your brand. When developing a concept logo, make sure it is filled with substance. When adding the elements, it should provide you with the capacity to occasionally update the logo without losing the main essence of the trademark.

Small Business Logo


While there may be no correct answer and definite rules in designing a logo, there are still some qualities that you need to attain. Remember that what works for another business will not necessarily apply to you. It could also be tempting to design a logo based on your preference. However, that could only lead to several issues. You want it to have all the qualities that we mentioned above. If you plan to outsource your small business logo design, check this article about the question to ask when hiring custom logo makers.

Excellent Benefits of a Good Business Logo

The logo design will serve as the face of your company branding.  Every company has a specific logo that represents its values.    Unfortunately, not every brand has the ability to create that long-term connection with its targeted customers.  Designing a logo plays an important role in marketing and it will also becomes the identity of the company.  It will be the representation of their achievement and their work's nature. Here are some of the excellent benefits of business logo.


List of Benefits of Business Logo


Benefits of Business Logo

Realizing the benefits of business logo will help you propel your company's branding strategy. It enables you to create a good impression and ensure that you will imprint your promotions in the memory of your potential clients.


Creating Brand Identity


Based on the study of Marketects Inc, logos can be the most effective tool for company branding. It is one of the benefits of business logo.  It can help you immensely in building the identity of your brand.  An effective logo that can deliver the right message impressively and clearly will create a solid persona and powerful brand identity.  Logos will appear on the different marketing tools used by the business, such as brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, business cards, and websites; this ever-present quality will allow your audience to associate your logo with your product or service.



 Concept logo

The goal of every business is to get recognition from its consumers and prospects.    They always hope that their consumers will take their business seriously. Clapboom revealed that the company logo is an excellent way for your business to be recognized. It plays a vital role in getting that recognition for your company's high-quality services and products.  Furthermore, professional logo design can improve the recall value allowing the consumers to recall your company instantly. 




One of the benefits of business logo is that it can show how you conduct business. Typically, the consumers will associate a professional logo with the company's excellent service.  Many buyers will choose to do business with a professional company rather than with a company that has a logo that failed to deliver the right message. Moreover, specific colors of the logo can stimulate a particular emotion. For instance, blue is often associated with reliability, credibility, and professionalism, making it an apt choice for legal firms. Red is linked with passion and has been proven to stimulate consumers' appetite.


Stay Competitive

 Company Logo Development

When a business chooses to create its logo, its professional design will catch the consumer's attention quickly.   It will help you get a good share of revenue in the market.  Since the consumer can easily associate a good logo design with a quality product and service, it becomes an effective tool that will guarantee that your company will stay competitive.  The major companies in the world have a great logo since it helps them survive in a competitive industry.

Stand Out from the Competition

It is extremely essential for a business that operates in a crowded market to stand out from the competition. Otherwise, you will end up as just one of their options. With a good business logo, you can create a trademark that will be unique and can easily be recognized by your target audience. They can immediately tell you apart from your rivals.


The business logo is more than just a company design; it is an essential element that affects the reputation of your business.  Logo is not just a graphical representation; it reflects the nature and identity of your brand.  It can deliver the message to your targeted customers.  The first impression of your clients and customers will typically be based on the first thing they will see, and usually, it is your company's logo. Consider the benefits of business logo listed here and realize why your business needs a professionally designed logo.

Best Colors for Your Cleaning Company Logo?

Color psychology has long been used in logo design. It is a concept that states that color has a unique way of influencing consumers' personalities, emotions, and purchasing behavior. By introducing the right color to your logo, you can deliver your business's message, vision, and unique selling proposition. If you are running a maid service, pressure washing service, kitchen cleaning, or commercial space cleaning, the color that you will pick for your cleaning company logo can make a huge difference.


What Is the Best Color for Your Cleaning Company Logo?


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You might be wondering how important color is in your cleaning company logo. Would it be a problem if I use a color that is more prevalent in another industry? The thing is, designing a logo comes with creative freedom. There are logo design rules that we mentioned before, but you are free to choose the color you prefer. However, it would still be best to look at color psychology. Remember that this is more than just a trademark for your company. It will be a part of your company for years; it creates a sense of familiarity and will make you appear more endearing in the eye of the consumers. Let's have a look at some of the best colors that you can use for your logo.


Red Stimulates Strong Emotion

 business logo design

The red color will be an excellent option to add to your cleaning company logo if you want to show to the audience your passion for your business. Red is mainly used in the food business since it can stimulate the consumers' appetite. It also creates a sense of youthfulness, vitality, energy, and fun character for your business. This could be a good option if your cleaning business focuses on child-friendly establishments. It is also a good choice if you want your logo to stand out from the market and make it more noticeable. However, you should still be careful since it can incite strong emotions, such as anger.

  • Red is a good choice if you want to attract the audience's attention. It is a powerful color, but only when used sparingly, especially in the cleaning industry. People can see this color better even from afar.

  • Giving a Sense of Urgency- In a marketing campaign, it is always advised to provide the people with a sense of urgency to encourage them to create a purchase. Red can have this influence. However, if you overuse this color, people may think it is associated with danger. Perhaps it is a good shade if you are handling the cleaning of hazardous waste and chemical.
  • Avoid using red alone in your cleaning company logo. It would be better to pair it with muted or neutral colors. 

Orange Evokes a Sense of Happiness

 Maid Service

If you want your target audience to think that your business is offering an innovative yet playful approach, adding an orange shade to your logo may be the solution you need. Orange can also help your business stand out from this crowded market. It has enthusiastic, friendly, and joyful energy. If you think that red is too overbearing, orange can also be a good option if your goal is to capture people's attention. However, you should be very cautious in choosing the tone that you will add to your cleaning company logo. Some shades will have a harsh effect on the eye of the consumers, which is why most companies will choose a peachier shade of orange. You should strive to preserve the beneficial impact of the orange tone.

  • Orange is a mix of red and yellow, which also makes them associated with the idea of change. Companies who want to show their friendly, exciting, and fresh personality will prefer to add this color to their logo.
  • Be sure to balance the color by choosing a neutral shade if you want to have an orange tone in your business logo.


Yellow Emanates a Sense of Happiness

 Cleaning Company Logo

Yellow is the color of the sun; it is used by businesses who want to transmit to their audience that they are a friendly business. It is the color of summer which can also show youthful energy. If you plan to use yellow in your cleaning company, this could send a signal to the consumers that you are offering a more affordable service. However, this may also prompt them to think you are offering substandard or cheaper service. Be sure never to overwhelm your audience with a solid yellow tone. Gold color could be a better option.

  • Yellow can also be a good choice for your HR department since it pertains to opportunity. It also evokes spontaneity, perfect for cleaning companies who want to show a more laidback approach.


Green Logos Is for Eco-Friendly Business

 Cleaning Company Logo

People can easily differentiate the different shades of green. The stronger shade may incite negative impacts such as greed and jealousy. Perhaps green would be the more prevalent choice of color in the cleaning industry. Usually, green will be associated with growth and progress. However, it can also transmit balance, harmony, and calmness. It is an excellent choice to add to your cleaning company logo if you want to show your audience that you are offering an environment-friendly and organic solution. Apart from the cleaning business, it is also used widely on vegan products and natural beauty solutions.

  • Be conscious of the cultural influence of green before adding this to your cleaning business logo. Depending on the culture, the influence of color may change. For instance, in some countries, green could be associated with wealth and finances due to the color of their bill.
  • Green can also be a perfect choice if your cleaning business targets hospitals and similar businesses since it is the color of healing and rejuvenation.

Blue Stands for Credibility

 Cleaning Company Logo


This is another preferred color of the marketer since it has always been associated with dependability, trustworthiness, and honesty. It delivers the message to your target audience that you are serious about offering your cleaning solution. Blue is also the symbolism of control, trust, confidence, security, and logic. It helps in establishing the trust between the company and your target audience. However, it also presents a couple of issues if not used sparingly. For instance, due to the popularity of this color in company logos, it would be difficult for you to separate yourself from the other business. As we mentioned in the past article, you always need to find ways to be unique; try to experiment with different shades of blue. You should also remember that blue is in the cooler part of the color spectrum. This will make your company appear unfriendly and cold. Therefore, you should be wise in transmitting the colors of your cleaning company logo.

  • Blue is the color of confidence, which is why you will often see them in finance sectors, IT companies, transport businesses, energy, and IT businesses. For a cleaning company, you can use this to show that you are the authority in the market.


Purple Adds Luxury to Your Business

 pool cleaning service

Purple could be a good choice if your cleaning business targets the more affluent community and high-end business establishments. Purple can also symbolize spirituality and is related to sophistication, mystery, fantasy, and extravagance. It can be a powerful way to capture the attention of the consumer. Combining it with other colors can create a perfect branding design. Purple could also be a good cleaning company logo if you want to send a message to the public that you are offering a modernized solution.


Pink Is for Femininity

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If you want your cleaning business to be more appealing to the female audience, a pink logo could be a good option. It is a symbol of childhood, comfort, dreams, and fantasy. As we mentioned above, you should also consider the cultural significance of the color. For instance, pink in Japan is associated with spring due to the blossoms of Sakura. Therefore, your branding could be related to fantasy and sweetness. If you want your cleaning company to evoke a sense of youthfulness, it is also a powerful color. However, people may also link you to the quality of immaturity.


Brown Pertains to Maturity

 Cleaning Company Logo

Brown is a color of maturity, safety, and strength. It is the color of the earth; therefore, it also possesses all the qualities of the earth, such as humility and security. However, it also carries negative connotations such as decay and rotting. Using this in your cleaning company logo is an excellent choice to tell your audience that you are a manual and mature company. Brown can also send a message to your customers that you are ecologically aware and that you are using organic products.


We humans will often associate colors with certain behaviors and feelings. We also associate the colors that we see on graphics and logo design with the message and story of the brand. Knowing the basics of color psychology may help you build a cleaning company logo that resonates with your target market.

Things to Consider when Developing Business Card Logo

For those who think that your business logo is just a static image, then you are dead wrong. It shows the visual identity of the brand. Without this, it will be difficult for the business to deliver the brand's meaning, value, and vision. Do you think that someone has the time to read your lengthy company introduction to understand what you are offering? Study shows that you only have as little as two seconds to impress the consumers. A business card logo could be a good option to leave a memorable impression on your target audience.


How Important is a Business Card Logo?

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A logo offers plenty of benefits to businesses, especially those just establishing their presence in the market. It helps create that positive first impression and encourages people to become more familiar with your business. As you all know, familiarity fosters loyalty and trust. A logo also helps you convey the message of your business. If done effectively, you can use this to deliver your company's ethics, values, vision, and function to your target audience. Logos are developed with the experience and strategy of the professional; therefore, it will also project a professional company image. It is an effective branding asset that you will use for at least ten years. Here are more of the benefits of a good business logo.

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A Logo Serves as the Face of Your Business

 Business Card Logo

We always tend to associate a logo with the company. In fact, a study shows that it is easier for most consumers to remember the logo of the company rather than the name. If you have seen a logo that you've already encountered in the past, it is easy for you to recall your engagement and interaction with the business. Having a business card logo will help you deliver your company's message without taking too much of their time.


It Influences the Purchasing Decision of Consumers


People can easily make a judgment on the services and the product from a slight glance at the business logo. Perhaps they already have experience in interacting with your brand before. They could also be familiar with your logo. A logo gives them a certain perception of the company. If the logo accurately reflects the image and story of your brand, it can influence the purchasing decision of the public.


It Encourages Brand Recognition

 Business Card Logo

We've mentioned above that words will never be enough to deliver to the audience the things that your business can offer to the consumers. Moreover, it is difficult for others to memorize words. Studies show that it is easier for people to recognize images rather than to remember words. We also have the habit of associating specific images with things. By creating a unique business card logo, you can increase the likelihood that people will remember you.


It Helps You Stand Out


If you are a startup business in a crowded market, you want to make sure that you will stand out from the rest of the crowd. It also tells them the Unique Selling proposition of your service or product. Having a unique branding separates you from your competitors and sends the notion to your target market that you offer unique solutions to their pain points.


Things to Consider When Developing Business Card Logo

 Business Card Logo

Now that you understand the importance of having a business logo added to your business cards, it is time for you to find out the qualities that can make an effective trademark. Here are some of them.




If you observe some of the most memorable and effective logos throughout history, even the SMEs, you will definitely notice how simple they are. Most of them have limited colors and have traditional typography. It doesn't have any special effect to make them look astounding. They can have monochromatic shade, and they will be as potent. From the single check sign of Nike to the Apple logo, simple designs can easily be recognized and remembered by consumers. If you have a trustworthy logo designer by your side, a simple trademark can showcase your company's personality and story accurately.


To develop a simple logo design, the graphic designers will focus on enhancing and highlighting the core part of your logo. For instance, it could be the typeface or the logo's color. The symbol could also be a powerful way to showcase simplicity. It is better to concentrate on just a few elements in your business card logo to communicate your company's identity easily.



 Business Card Logo

Another essential quality of a good business logo is the relevance of the icon to the company and the industry. They should also clearly deliver the brand's identity, personality, values, and vision. Choose a color that can highlight the message of your brand. We've listed some of the best colors you can use in your business logo before; be sure to check that out. If you are a company that sells toys for kids, bright and lively colors can help you convey your energy and fun to the public. A typeface is also essential. Avoid using font style with several strokes since it will look complex, and people will find it difficult to read the text within a couple of seconds. Also, the kind of font style can help evoke your personality. For instance, a traditional font style will make the consumer think that you are a company that values tradition. Thin fonts that are angular are best for technology business, softer and elegant font is an excellent choice for women's products.




We encourage you to develop a simple business card logo since it helps the icon become more memorable. It should already be imprinted in the mind of your target audience, even if they just saw this for a split second. Remember that the goal of developing your logo is to build a connection with your target audience and create that interest. When you have a memorable logo, it is more likely for them to interact with your brand since it creates a sense of familiarity. A memorable icon has all the qualities aforementioned. However, there should also be a balance on the different components added to the logo. They should cohesively and accurately communicate the tone and personality of your brand. A memorable logo must also be unique. Even businesses that work in the same industry must always aim to stand out from the market. For instance, if you are creating trucking company logos, you can make it unique by adding your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).



 blank card

A perfect logo can easily stand out from the crowd since they are practical and will be relevant even as time passes. It could be tempting for you to add the latest fads in design, but know that trends come and go. Your logo may appear great now, but how about ten years from now? Make sure not to design a logo only to rebrand them two years from now since this will cause confusion on the part of your customers. Moreover, a logo that will stand the test of time will focus on the quality rather than the quantity of elements you will add. Eliminate some of your crazy ideas and the unnecessary stuff. Focus on the things that reflect your brand identity. It means that you need to concentrate only on your brand story and sentiment to determine the aptest way to convey them to your target audience. Keep the colors basic; a massive palette and gradients can make it look complex.



 Business Card Logo

A good company logo can easily be integrated into your different branding campaigns and marketing materials. You can also implement it in various situations. The size will not affect the quality of the business card logo. Whether you are planning to introduce it as a favicon of your website or on a large billboard ad, the effect must still be the same. If it appears unrecognizable when it becomes too small or looks distorted, consider taking them back to the drawing board. If you plan to use a standard photo image, they may appear pixelated when you resize them. Be sure that you will always keep your clutters at the minimum level. Simple design will usually appear more versatile than abstract and intricate design.


A business card logo is easy to create, especially if you understand the correct elements to focus on. By creating a timeless, versatile, and memorable design, you can guarantee that it will be relevant to your business and industry. It will also be easier for you to realize the different benefits that it offers. It will create a significant impact on the eye of the consumers keeping you in their minds for a longer time.

Hair Stylist Logos-How Much?

If you are opening a hair salon business, inviting a new client into your physical store would be difficult. They will most probably be unaware of how good your service is. You may have signage outside that tells the customers the line of services you provide as well as their related costs. However, you will still find it challenging to encourage them to try your service due to the lack of familiarity. One way to deal with it is by introducing compelling hair stylist logos. We understand how most of you will have a limited budget for marketing. This article will show you how much you need to prepare if you plan to take this route.


What is the Average Cost of Hair Stylist Logos?


hair salon

Your hair stylist logos can cost from $0 to thousands of dollars. If you are a startup salon business hoping to have a quality design, the price may start from $300 and increase to more than $2,500. Some of you might think that the cost is insane for a logo. However, consider this fact- your business logo will serve as the face of the company; it will be the foundation of your branding and marketing campaign that you will use for at least ten years.


The cost of the logo can vary depending on your source and the quality of the work. Some people will charge you for the final product, but most have an hourly fee, especially the agencies and freelancers. Be sure to consider your budget before choosing the options that we will mention below.


From $10 to $50


At this price range, you may have to do many things by yourself. You will only pay for the subscription on the logo maker application. Do not expect too much creative freedom since the things you can use will often be the basic visual assets. Therefore, expect that your hair stylist logos will appear generic. They have a good selection of stock photos and vector images. The typeface and font collection are decent. ETA is often very fast since you will probably choose the template that works for you. If you are time-constricted and budget-conscious, this is the perfect option for you. Nonetheless, we would like to remind you again that your company logo design will most possibly appear typical.


From $300 to $800


Those ready to spend this much can open a logo design contest for your hair salon business, or you could hire a freelancer, but most of them in this price range would be a novice and lack the proper foundation and experience. If you are lucky, these designers will have a portfolio, although you can’t expect it to be as comprehensive as those who offer their service at a higher price. This is an ideal choice for a business with a decent understanding of how the logo design process works. However, the ETA will be longer.


From $800 to $2500


For those with a budget in this price range, you can have access to tier-1 freelance designers. You can also open a contest to attract more seasoned custom logo designers. With these people, you are not just hiring their skills but also their years of experience in the business. You can receive professional advice and top-notch services from these people. With them, you can guarantee that the process of designing your hair stylist logos will not encounter any hiccups. If you are ready to spend this much, don’t hesitate to acquire their service.


More than $2,500


The prominent players in the industry will usually opt for this service. At this price range, you will most probably work with an agency. The design of your business logo is guaranteed to be high-quality. You will have a team of creative personnel and business strategist with a thorough work history in your industry. There should also be an unlimited revision option. This is an excellent choice for a business that wants a complete package of its branding asset.


What Are Some of My Options to Design My Hair Stylist Logos?


If your head is already spinning after knowing the average cost of logo designs, don’t fret since you still have a bunch of choices. If you pay attention to some of the critical factors, you should be able to ensure that your logo will be an excellent reflection of your business and service. Check out the logo design rules that we covered in the past.


Do it Yourself

Hair Stylist Logos 

Those with a limited budget will probably choose to develop their own logo. If you want to showcase your design flair, you might want to take a chance on creating your logo. Remember that designing a logo that your business can use in multi-platforms may come as a challenge. You will soon discover that you will need to invest a great deal of your time sketching potential logos for your hair salon business. Design software may speed up the process, but some of them will have a complex interface that you need to have at least the basic design skills to understand how to use the tools. So, how much will you possibly spend if you choose to do it yourself? Take a look at some of the possible expenses below.


Using Sketch


This is an application exclusive to MacOs X users. It will cost $99.99 for a one-year license. It is design software that features vectors that you can instantly import into your business logo design. You can save your creation in various formats such as EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF. More and more designers are favoring the use of this software. However, it is not print-friendly software since you cannot export it into CMYK color.


Adobe Illustrator


Illustrator has always been the go-to solution for logo designers. It is also designed to work together with other Adobe software. You have the option to export your work into ten formats, both for print and digital use. You can access this software by paying a monthly subscription fee of $20.99 for an annual plan on Adobe Creative Cloud. For those who will use it for a limited time, a month-to-month use would be sufficient for $31.49.




If you are looking for a free option, this would be your choice. However, remember what we said above that the things that you can use are mostly the basic type, and your hair stylist logos will most probably appear typical. You can use the vector online or download it to use on your computer. You can export it in vector or raster formats, such as SVG, JPG, PNG, and AI.



 Hair Stylist Logos

Canva comes with both free and paid options. If you choose the free use, it will most possibly come with a watermark. The paid subscription costs $12.95 CAD for monthly usage and $149.00 CAD for annual service. It showcases more than 1000 premade templates that allow you to customize however you wish. Once you are done, you can download the file in GIF, PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.


Buying a Customized Logo Template

 Hair Stylist Logos

Another option is to buy a ready-made template. This will significantly cut the time needed to create your hair stylist logos. Most of this template will be compatible with Adobe Illustrator, but you should still clarify things with the vendor. Since you will need to use software to create alterations and adjustments, you will need to consider the cost we mentioned above again. You will then have to change the typeface, colors, and other elements found in the customized template. You may receive more than just the logo when buying a template. Usually, it will come with a branding and social media package. There should also be a description added, be sure to peruse it before purchasing it. Here are some of the marketplace to look for a customized template.


Creative Market

 Hair Stylist Logos

This platform offers more than 49,000 templates ranging from as low as $2 to $500. Most of the templates range from $19 to $39 CAD. The cost may come with licensing options, the extended for the unlimited sales, and the standard for companies that will not exceed the 500 sales. For those who will choose the extended sales, expect that you will spend more.


Adobe Spark


There will be hundreds of logo templates that you can find in Adobe Spark that you can use for free. However, you will have to pay for a subscription to access the software. There’s a fee of $9.99 monthly before you are allowed to edit them. Understand that this application is intended for designers with a solid design background and who want better control of their branding materials.


Using Online Logo Maker

 Hair Stylist Logos

Some of you may also opt for an online logo-making application to create your hair stylist logos. However, we advise you to be smart. Even though it comes with a lower cost, the output can be drastically substandard. You don’t need to have a design background or learn complex tools. Most of them come for free, while others will charge you when you want to download your creation. Most companies will still choose the paid version since it offers them a logo that they can confidently use on their branding campaign.


When choosing a design option for your hair stylist logos, remember that this will be the starting point of your marketing and branding campaign. You probably have an idea of what your logo will appear like. Now it is time to figure out how much you are willing to spend.